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Money Mindset Mentors Pt. 15: Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
Do you want some terrific tips to help you step out of your financial comfort zone? Whether the time has[...]
Ep. #225: Part 3: Dos & Don’ts of Successful Single Life with Lorrain Huggins
Want to know the Dos and Don'ts of Successful Single Life? Lorrain Huggins shares tips learned from working with thousands[...]
Ep. #224: Part 2: From the Trenches: Personal Tools to Move Beyond Divorce with Chelsea Hayden, Lisa Cook, Tonya Wirfs, & Melissa Rollins
Want tools to get through your stage of divorce?Join our panel discussion today from women in the trenches sharing healthy,[...]
Ep. #223: 3 Tools to Successful Dating Pt. 1 with Jenn Zingmark
Are you or a loved one ready to date after divorce?Life Coach Jenn Zingmark shares 3 key tools to make[...]
Jason Hewlett: Inspiring leaders to embrace their Signature Moves
Inspirational speaker and entertainer, Jason Hewlett is the author of the Facebook post entitled, “I Saw My Wife at Target[...]
Ep.#222: Got Goals? Make them Enjoyable and Do-Able with Ashlee Stratton
Are you a mom and want to accomplish goals, but don't even know how it's possible right now? Ashlee Stratton[...]
Ep. #221: 3 Takeaways from Women’s Conference
Did you get to attend BYU Women's Conference? I had the sweetest miracle happen with that and want to share[...]
Ep. #220: Are you coming to BYU Women’s Conference?
Have you ever wondered what we do as Disciple Thought Leaders? Get the lowdown from three amazing women, who not[...]
Ep.#219: Bloom Through the Connection of Generational Gardening with Ardice Lorscheider
Have you wondered how to take your unique gifts and abilities and do it all for Him? Raised among the[...]
Money Mindset Mentors Pt. 13: Investing: Is it a Marathon or a Sprint?
Is investing in today's real estate market intimidating? Can you invest with a long-term, big-picture mindset? Find out from Amy,[...]
Ep. #218: Find Out What a Disciple Thought Leader Retreat is Really Like with Katrina Seamons
What do you experience at a DTL Retreat? How does it help you fulfill your purpose and more effectively share[...]
Ep. #217: Get Relief for ADHD, Anxiety, & More Through Coaching with Diane Passey
Find a better way to help your teenager deal with depression, anxiety, and ADHD.*Names of clients have been changed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8T8uDjRwQE[...]
Ep.#216: Healthy Ways to Deal with Addiction & Anxiety with Dr. Trish Barrus
Have a loved one dealing with addiction? Dr. Trish Barrus shares ways to help that work to actually move them[...]
Crystal Despain: Finding “that place where whimsy and life connect”–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast
Are you driven in pursuing a purpose, or does it seem out of reach? Fine art painter, Crystal Despain, was[...]
Ep. #215: Discover Miraculous & Meaningful Stories about the Easter Pageant with Cecily Condie & Jill Adair
Preparing for Easter and want a new, meaningful way to do it? Our guests today share their story of the[...]
Episode #214: Eat Healthier & Be Happy Doing It with Suzy Robertson
Want to eat healthy but need it doable? Check out Suzy Robertson's tips and tools. Make life and eating enjoyable[...]
Money Mindset Mentors Pt. 12: What’s Your Money Mindset & What Do You Do About It?
Join Money Mindset Mentors Amy Kendall and Amanda Powell as they talk about money mindset, how to recognize your spending[...]
Adassa: Vocalist of Disney’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast
Are you willing to put family first . . . for Him? Imagine you feel called to create, and are[...]
Episode #211: The Power of Everyday Speaking Skills with DTLs Ashlee Stratton & Ardice Lorscheider
Want to expand your speaking skills in personal or professional ways? These skills help you ROCK your daily life and[...]
Episode #210: How to Be a “Mom and . . .” with Brit Bennion
Got a side hustle or small biz? You likely want help with marketing. Brit Bennion, brand and content creation coach,[...]
Episode #209: Take Small Steps to See Big Changes & Use What You Have with Angela Ingo
Want to create a home you love with what you have? Angela Ingo, owner of Angela Ingo Home, shows you[...]
Episode #208: See Miracles in Everyday Life with Karalee Anjewierden
Ready to see and use the miracles in your life? Disciple Thought Leader Alumni Kari Anjewierden shares tips and tools[...]
Mauli Junior Bonner: Celebrating diversity and promoting unity–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast
Have you seen your purpose in everyday life experiences, but not recognized it at first? Mauli Bonner from the famous Bonner Family realized his[...]
Episode #207: Organize Your Life Inside & Out with Jenny Layton
Want to get organized? We've got you covered. Jenny Layton, professional organizer, will give you tips and tools on how[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 11: Money for the New Year
Ready to get your finances working for you in the new year? Get your money vision and mindset with our[...]
Podcast Interview #206: Our Soul’s Need for Connection with Marne Traasdahl
Feeling disconnected, or are your loved ones? Wanting to deepen relationships but not sure how? Our Disciple Thought Leader guest[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 10: Got Holiday Money Questions?
Got money questions on holiday money, slowing down the season (in life and real estate), gift giving and how much?[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 9: Pt. 2 of Talking with Kids About Money
We want our kids to be financially savvy, but it's not always easy to know how to talk with them[...]
Podcast Interview #205: Shred Stress with Lyndsey Van Sickle
Got holiday stress? Let's release it with Lyndsey V! The author of The Black Book shares simple tips to let[...]
Podcast Interview #204: Get Grounded with Food, Family & Worship with Sarah Clark
What if your purpose is something you are working hard to avoid? Disciple Thought Leader Sarah Clark avoided anything "domestic,"[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 8: Taking with Kids About Money
Need to talk to your young adult kids about the future? Their money? Credit/debit cards, saving for college, preparing to[...]
Podcast Interview #203: Have Happy Kids and Families with Angela Meyers
Looking for ways to connect with and be more present with your kids this year? Disciple Thought Leader, Angela Meyers,[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 7: When is it the Right Time to Buy and Invest?
Is it really the right time to buy? How long does this take you to get to "the right place"[...]
Podcast Interview #202: Just Start with Wendy Jones
Do you wonder how you can use your unique gifts and talents to do more--to be an instrument for Him?[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 6: A Budget Works FOR You
Got a budget? Want holiday money saving tips? As a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach our Amanda shares her wisdom[...]
Podcast Interview #201: Be Still, Be Real, For Him with Angie Poulsen
Ever feel like you've been struggling alone, and you need help to move forward at all?Find out how Disciple Thought[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 5: Got Investment Questions?
Got investment questions? Ask the Money Mindset Mentors…for Him. Weave the spiritual and financial together so you stay focused on[...]
Podcast Interview #200: A Meeting with the DTL Alumni
Do you ever wonder what happens after one of our Disciple Thought Leader Retreats? Women can join the Disciple Thought[...]
Podcast Interview #199: What Makes a DTL? Find out with Program Founder, Connie Sokol
What kind of a disciple do you want to be? This is a question I asked myself as I was[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 3: Watch an Investment Journey from A to Z!
Money Mindset Mentors takes you on an Investment Journey with Amanda! She's going from start to finish on finding, purchasing,[...]
Podcast Interview #198: Moving Forward with Joy & Success with Wendi Christensen
Fulfilling your purpose, but running into roadblocks? Disciple Thought Leader Wendi Christensen shares her journey and some tools for moving[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 2: 3 Ways to Leverage What You Have
Want to invest but don't know where to find the money? We got you. Join us for the Money Mindset[...]
Podcast Interview #197: Know Your “Why” Before Your “How” with Katrina Seamons
How do you create a Deliberate Family for Him? Meet Disciple Thought Leader, Katrina Seamons! As President and Founder of[...]
Money Mindset Mentors . . . for Him Pt. 1: Because We Can
Want to leverage your money? Get more abundance with what you’ve got? Know how to talk to your kids about[...]
Podcast Interview #196: Abundance Mindset with Amanda Powell
What is the actual POWER of an “abundance mindset”? Probably more than you think. “The mind is everything. What you[...]
PFL #195: Let’s Conference Talk: “Ladder of Faith” by Larry S. Kacher
Miss last week's Let's Conference Talk? Here it is! We had Week #4 of our Let's Conference Talk discussions! We[...]
PFL #193: Let’s Conference Talk: “Is the Plan Working?” by Elder Adrián Ochoa
What meaning does this quote bring to your life? How have you seen its application work for your good? “If[...]
PFL #194: Come Home to Peace & Emotional Resilience with Disciple Thought Leader, Diane Passey
Do you ever find yourself struggling to relate or understand your teen? Our Disciple Thought Leader, Diane Passey, has the[...]
Purpose Filled Life #192: Let’s Conference Talk: “Do What Mattereth Most” by Rebecca L. Craven
Are you ever stuck in knowing what is most essential? How can you sift through all of the "have-to-dos" as[...]
Let’s Conference Talk! “The Power of Spiritual Momentum” by President Russell M. Nelson
Join me for a discussion of President Russell M. Nelson's Conference talk, "The Power of Spiritual Momentum." Hear the insights[...]
PFL Episode #189: All Your Purpose Questions Answered: Follow-up from our Find Your Purpose Challenge
All your purpose questions answered! For my podcast this week, I'm sharing our culminating Live Q&A for the 5-Day Find[...]
Guest Host Podcast #188: Spiritually Based Intuitive Eating
Have you ever felt restricted with food? Have you been through the ups and downs of dieting? Intuitive Eating Coach[...]
Guest Host Podcast #187: Latest Tips on Time Management for Women
Burning out? Stretched thin? Do you have goals, but not the time to accomplish them? Time & Productivity Life Coach,[...]
Get Real Series: Navigate Grief and Loss with Ally Isom
Navigating grief and loss is a layered journey. Guest Ally Isom shares how losing her daughter led to surprising life[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #186: The Power of Living as Your True Self with Disciple Thought Leader, Marne Traasdahl
Do you want to feel more in alignment on the daily? Do you want to feel lighter, happier, and more[...]
Guest Host PFL Podcast #185: Gratitude Changes Everything with Laura Solorzano
Laura battled with an eating disorder for 16 years through six of her seven children, and used the power of[...]
Guest Host PFL #184: Ultimate Life Advice with Award Winning Speaker and Author, Al Carraway
Al Carraway is a well-known inspirational figure in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are so[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #183: Parenting by Design and Not Default with Angela Meyers
Meet Disciple Thought Leader, Angela Meyers! Are you tired of the tug-of-war power struggle with your kids over doing chores,[...]
Guest Host Podcast Episode PFL 182: Retrain Your Brain to Pursue Your Passions & Protect Your Most Important Priorities with USA Today Best-Selling Author, Cindy Hogan
Are you struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Are you having the thought, "Who am I to pursue this path?" Cindy Hogan,[...]
Guest Podcast Host PFL 181: How to Navigate Seasons of Work, Motherhood, Postpartum, & Reach Goals
Have you ever wondered how you can navigate all the things as a mother--and still achieve your goals? Join Guest[...]
PFL 180: Writing in the Spirit with Rachel Benson
Rachel Benson is a wife, mom, grandma, blogger, and award-winning real estate agent who is obsessed with all things home[...]
PFL 179: The Truth About Body Image, Media, and Divine Royalty for Women and Girls with Dr. Sarah Coyne
Get the lowdown on how media impacts us and our kids both positively AND negatively, and what makes the vital[...]
Guest Podcast Host PFL 178: Creating Time to Pursue Your Dreams Amidst Motherhood and Trials with Melinda Frandsen, Owner of Tobiq
Are you a mother and wondering where you will find the time to pursue your goals? Melinda Frandsen, creator of[...]
PFL 177: Meet our newest DTL expert! DTL Spotlight: Book Publishing Director, Rachelle Hepworth
Our DTL team is growing again! Let's welcome our newest DTL Executive Director, Rachelle Hepworth. This award-winning, bestselling author and[...]
PFL 176: Brand New Mini-Series with Guest Host Ashlee Stratton
Meet Ashlee Stratton, our new guest host and Disciple Thought Leader Ambassador! She is hosting a mini-series geared towards moms[...]
Purpose Filled Life #175: Women Working with Women to Make Big Things Happen
Feeling to connect with other women on a common cause? Not sure how to do it without drama? I've got[...]
Podcast Episode 174: Faith Based Living: Women & What Gets in the Way of Daily Peace, Purpose, and Joy: An Interview with Brenda Angle
Have you met the day with fear, anxiety, or confusion? Have you wondered how to solve a problem or find[...]
Podcast Episode #173: Got Scripture Study? Add Power and Pop to Your “Come, Follow Me”! An Interview with Cali Black
What a fabulous and energizing interview on how to LOVE the scriptures--as in, get what you need to do life[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast Episode #172: The Power of Living in Your Feminine Energy with Heidi DeGraffenried
Have you heard the phrase "feminine energy" recently? It's a hot topic for a reason! Podcaster and Life Coach Heidi[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast Episode #171: Fulfilling Your Purpose: 3 Lessons I Learned as an Educator: An Interview Amanda Powell
Our life paths are full of unknowns and deep challenges. Disciple Thought Leader, Amanda Powell, shares the surprise gifts she[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #170: Feel the Divine Difference of Goal-Setting with Him! An Interview with Ashlee Stratton
Have you struggled to set and achieve goals, or keep it consistent?Disciple Thought Leader, Ashlee Stratton, shares her "a-ha" moment[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast Episode #169: Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose Doing DIY Crafts–with Wendy Jones!
Have you ever wondered if your talent really wasn't that helpful to others? How you can make it something that[...]
Podcast Episode #168: Got Grandkids? Don’t Underestimate the Influence of “Nanahood”!
Are you at that fabulous Grandma stage but not sure how to rock it in this day and age? We've[...]
Episode 167: Disciple Thought Leader Podcast: Using the Power of Forgiveness in Everyday Life with Wendi Christensen
Ever needed to forgive but just couldn’t quite get there? A Disciple Thought Leader, Wendi Christensen, LCSW, and co-founder of[...]
Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #166: The Healing Power of Generational Gardening: Meet Ardice of Ardice & Co
As a Disciple Thought Leader, Ardice has felt and seen the power of generational gardening - bringing all ages of[...]
Episode #165: Disciple Thought Leader Podcast: Create Your Space, Create Your Life with Angela Ingo
Have you looked around your home and said, "We need to REDO this space?" But then said, "I can't afford[...]
Ep. 164: Disciple Thought Leader Podcast: How to Shred Your Way to Emotional Health with Lyndsey VanSickle
Do you have emotions or painful issues you haven't been able to voice out loud? Then this is the podcast[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast #162: The 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting Adult Children with Ingrid Sorensen
Is it a challenge to know how to connect with and "parent" your adult children? Okay, WOW. Talk about FABULOUS[...]
Are You Under Pressure?
Thank you, Red Edge Live with Les Patterson for having me guest on your podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed our powerful[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #161: 3 Tips to “Mothering” Children at Different Ages & Stages with Regan Barnes
Do you have children at different ages and stages? Talk about shifting motherhood gears ALL DAY LONG. Enjoy this fabulous,[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #160: Got Transition? 3 Tips for a Stellar Summer
We made it through the school year! (and the pandemic, and the earthquake...) Are you ready for summer? DON'T make[...]
Purpose Filled Life Episode #159: Balancing Motherhood
Feeling the May mayhem? Use these fast and fabulous tips from our Q & A to stay calm and Mom[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #156: Got Faith? How to Access Everyday Miracles
Needing to "move the mountains in your life?" After hearing Russell M. Nelson say "learn about miracles," I've been studying,[...]
PFL Episode 155: Establishing Holy Habits
Do you have Holy Habits? Are you not sure what to do, or are you uncertain about how to start?[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #107 with Emily Belle Freeman
Want to love and liken the scriptures in daily life? Want to help your kids love them, too? Join our[...]
Old Story, New Story: 3 Steps to Let Go and Live Your Ideal Life!
"In order to make those life changes to truly make the ones that we're feeling, we do need to let[...]
Get REAL Series Podcast Episode #153 with Dr. Trish
“You cannot love someone out of addiction.” Once again, Psychologist Dr. Trish shares realistic, successful solutions that WORK, for those[...]
40 Days with the Savior: He Understands Betrayal
This week as we prepare for Easter, we want to be thinking about Christ and being like Christ.  In my[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #151–Organization’s FUNctional!
There is so much more to organization than de-cluttering . . . Did you know it can help you find[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast: Our 150th Episode! with Brooke Walker
Best. Girlfriend Chat. Ever. Grab your favorite treat and settle in for this amazing, insightful, connect-right-to-your-soul interview with host, executive[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #149
Are you feeling this rumble?The feeling many women have to Step Into Their Purpose?President Nelson recently gave President Spencer W.[...]
Get REAL Series Podcast Episode #148 with Dr. Elia
Ready to be done with this pandemic experience?Wondering how to keep your energy going? Get real-time tips on refreshing and[...]
Fit & Fabulous February Podcast Episode #147
Journaling, sleep, water, meditation . . . the basics of self-care aren't always the basic things we do. Sometimes, our[...]
Mini Connie Chats: You Are Not a Number
When you get on the scale, does it change how you look at yourself? Are you "focused on the fat"?[...]
Get REAL Series Podcast Episode #145 with Annika Dean
On January 6, 2017, Annika Dean survived a mass shooting in the Fort Lauderdale airport. Just 13 months later, she[...]
Get REAL Series Podcast Episode #144 with Dr. Elia
Do you ever tell yourself:Don't procrastinate your happiness.Self-care matters: service changes when your batteries are full.Knowledge without education is just[...]
Purpose Filled Podcast Episode #143
Are you feeling the need to connect with stellar women? Do you want to uplevel, but don't know how to[...]
Purpose-Filled Life Podcast Episode #142 with Brooke Romney
Need a "feel good" boost about all the fabulous good you do and are? This is it. Such a fun,[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #141 with Ana Katia
We all have a deep need to know who we are and where we come from. Social worker Ana Katia[...]
Purpose Filled Path Series Podcast Episode #140 with Becky Kemp
Have you wanted to be a speaker? Or a writer? Or both? Meet Becky Kemp, a stay-at-home-mom who felt compelled[...]
Purpose Path Series Episode #139 with Stacy Beck
Let's talk "spiritual nudges'--that feeling to do something you hadn't expected, or even want! FABULOUS and fun interview, I got[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #138 with Jennifer Buss
You may KNOW you have self worth, but do you FEEL it? Social worker and women’s advocate, Jennifer Starr Buss,[...]
Purpose Filled Life Episode #37 A Christ-Centered Christmas: Inspiring Stories on Handel’s Messiah
Have you enjoyed the Christmas classic piece of music, Handel's "Messiah"? It wasn't a quick and easy success. Listen to[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #137 with Wendy Paul
Feeling overwhelmed by holiday meals ahead? Keep it simple and CONNECTED. Studio 5 contributor Wendy Paul shares simple, fun tips[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #136 with Jenny Layton
Not sure how to Organize your holidays this year? Wondering how to keep the favorite traditions but adjust them to[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #135 with Sheridan Ripley
Our worst nightmare as a mother--hearing your son has been kidnapped. But Sheridan Ripley embarked on an experience that taught[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode #134 with Dr. Susan Madsen
Wow. Hold onto your hats as you listen to my lively discussion with Dr. Susan R. Madsen. She is a[...]
PFL 133: What Early Relief Society Sisters Teach Us as Modern Latter-day Saint Women! (with Jan Tolman)
Have you wondered what their and our lives have in common? What they can teach us, and what they yearn[...]
PFL Episode 132: Understanding Perfectionism and Religious Scrupulosity: An Interview with Dr. Debra McClendon
Do you or a loved one struggle with religious perfectionism? Feeling not enough, second-guessing decisions or worthiness in the smallest[...]
Purpose Filled Life Episode 130: GET REAL Series with Wendy Santiano on Insights from Studying Hebrew and Women in the Scriptures
The power of words, especially in scripture, can shift an entire life view. Learn from Wendy Santiano's personal experience of[...]
PFL Podcast 128: Get REAL Series: New Thoughts on the Diversity Issue with Tracy Browning
Originally from Jamaica, Tracy Browning shares her thoughts, experiences, and timeless simple dos to navigate the hot button topic of[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode 129: Lowering Stress and Anxiety: Interview with Bob Kittell
Global speaker Bob Kittell shares usable answers to the question, "How do I go from panic to peace" He is[...]
Purpose Filled Life Podcast Episode 126: Get REAL with Jane Clayson Johnson
Let's get real about depression with award-winning journalist, former CBS co-anchor, and ABC correspondent, Jane Clayson Johnson. Learn from her[...]
Purpose Filled Women Podcast Episode #125 with Jen Nielsen
Want behind-the-scenes scoops on being a NYTB author (for young adult), mother, and all-around-sit-in PJs-and-let's-talk-life kind of person? That's Jen[...]
Episode 99: Are You Stuck in the Dabbling Zone? 3 Tips to Make a Shift
Are you searching for how to make a life shift but end up in nibbling on change like samples at[...]
Holiday Hurdles: 3 Tips to Deal with Less than the Ideal
Longing for a holiday of family laughter and pumpkin pie, but your reality isn't remotely close to it? Whether it's[...]
A Christ-Centered Holiday Season
Join me for a simple, meaningful way to keep a Christ-centered Christmas together:) 👏 I’ll be sharing traits of the[...]
BR 92: Happy Holidays? 3 Tools to Knock Out Holiday Stress
Are you feeling it? That triggered response to the holidays that squelches the joy? NOT THIS YEAR! Because this year,[...]
PFL 89: Are You in Fabulous “Phase 2”?: Successfully Navigating Life as an Empty Nester
Have you hit the Fabulous 50s and are wondering, "What Now?" Are you feeling the rumble of something more, but[...]
How to Have a Purpose-Filled Summer
Part 1--For Family It's that magical time of the year when kids say...I'M BORED. Or, I'M LATE TO MY SPORTS[...]
Is Self-Care Selfish?
Balance reDefined Radio Episode 67 One of the biggest questions I hear is, "Is self-care selfish?" I've asked myself that[...]
Overcoming the Second Guess Syndrome
Balance reDefined Radio Episode 56 Overcoming Second-Guessing Yourself Syndrome (The following is the transcript of the podcast.) [00:00] Hi, I'm[...]
5 Tips to a Better Work/Life Balance
Balance reDefined Radio Podcast Episode 52 5 Tips to a Better Work/Life Balance (The following is the transcript of the[...]
Purpose Filled Life Episode #51: Dealing with a Life-Draining Person
  (The following is the transcript of the podcast.) I'm talking about dealing with life draining people. Have you experienced[...]
Life Path Shifts: Opening Our Hearts and Paying Attention
Balance reDefined Radio Podcast 50 Life Path Shifts: Opening Our Hearts and Paying Attention     (The following is the[...]
Chalk and Challenges: 3 Ways to Solve Life’s Difficulties
Balance reDefined Radio Podcast Episode 49 Chalk and Challenges: 3 Ways to Solve Life's Difficulties   (the following is the[...]
Balance reDefined Radio Ep. 48: 3 Ways to Handle Tough Issues with a Teenager
BR 48: 3 Ways to Handle Tough Issues with a Teenager Transcript Hi, I'm Connie Sokol, a national speaker, bestselling[...]
Balance reDefined Radio Ep 47: 3 Benefits of Intentional Creation Every Day
3 Benefits of Intentional Creation Every Day Hi, I'm Connie Sokol, a national speaker, bestselling author, program founder, and mother[...]
Balance reDefined Radio Podcast Episode 45: 3 Steps to a Life Shift
Hi, I'm Connie Sokol, a national speaker, bestselling author, program founder, and mother of seven and loving it. I'm reaching[...]
Balance Redefined Radio EP: 41 How Not to Get Sucked into the Less Than Vortex
[00:00] Hi, I'm Connie Sokol, a national speaker, bestselling author, program founder and Mother of seven and loving it. I'm[...]

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