Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #183: Parenting by Design and Not Default with Angela Meyers

Meet Disciple Thought Leader, Angela Meyers!

Are you tired of the tug-of-war power struggle with your kids over doing chores, having good attitudes, and so many other parenting to-dos?

Angela is the founder of Kudos for Families that teaches parenting by design, and not by default. Angela has created a system that creates unity in the home, and a happy, calm atmosphere.

Instead of being “one more thing” for you to manage as a parent, Kudos for Families makes your job easier!

Enjoy this podcast where Angela talks about the simplicity of the system she’s used–and seen others use–with great success.

Check out Angela’s successful system at: kudosforfamilies.com

And follow Angela Meyers on IG: @kudosforfamilies

Join the Kudos for Families Community on Facebook: Kudos For Families

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