Register for our June Retreat!

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Register for our June Retreat!

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Ready to define your purpose and path?

Find Your Purpose

In my signature mini-course, Find Your Purpose, you will get clear about who you are and what you are to do by writing a purpose and identity statement and finding your Sweet Spot. 

I’m so excited to make a new Start and move forward!! You have helped me so much.

~ Shannon

The Vault: Find Your Purpose, Feel Fit and Fabulous, Get Organized, and more!

These mini courses are SIMPLE, FAST, AND GET RESULTS. They're online and done in a week. Perfect for busy women like you to watch, apply, and get results for more purpose, organization, and joy!

Connie has helped me to change my mindset on a daily basis. I no longer feel hopeless about the things I have no control over. I am so grateful for the many changes I've experienced. Now I have more organization and methods to help me fulfill my life's purpose. I can see I am fulfilling my purposes. Her courses have helped me be more thorough and actually show up for myself when wanting to achieve my personal vision.

~ Marsha Snow

Disciple Thought Leaders Retreat

Do you feel called to fulfill a purpose?

Have you created some pieces but they're not getting traction? 

Do you need to get a whole foundation with organized vision, message, and systems to sustain the movement? 

Join Connie as she mentors change-the-world women to go from struggling influencers to successful Disciple Thought Leaders.

I am a changed woman and would not have believed it possible in just a few short days, but God can heal in an instant and the space you, and He, created was nothing short of miraculous. So grateful to have been a part of this experience .

~ Heidi DeGraffenried