Download your FREE 3 Step Mini-Life Plan


Download your FREE 3 Step Mini-Life Plan


Ready to define your purpose and path?

What Now? 8 Ways to Deal with Life's Challenges

Dealing with a life challenge? Get realistic ways to handle it starting today. In this 4-hour course, you'll learn eight simple tips to get clarity, solutions, and peace.  

I can’t say enough about this book & the 4 week course It’s amazing & I wish I could buy it for everyone I meet going through a life change/challenge! I will forever be grateful to you for the changes you’ve helped me achieve & implement, for your encouragement & belief in me and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to share! You’ve made a HUGE impact in my life!

~ Shelli Eldredge

Balance reDefined Express

Yes, you CAN achieve life balance when you effectively define your purpose and align your daily habits to achieve it. Get 6 core habits in 6 weeks to redefine key areas of your life to redefine your balance and get big results. Learn how to manage time, get more energy, and feel joy. You CAN be organized, get fit, and create healthy connections--simply and enjoyably! 

This program helped me to change my mindset on a daily basis. I no longer feel hopeless about the things I have no control over. I am so grateful for the many changes I've experienced in this program. Now I have more organization and methods to help me fulfill my life's purpose. I can see I am fulfilling my purposes. This course has helped me be more thorough and actually show up for myself when wanting to achieve my personal vision.

~ Marsha Snow

Balance reDefined Mastermind

With this intensive Balance reDefined 12-week Mastermind, you get balanced in eight life areas! Define your purpose, get fit and organized, get clearer divine direction and daily joy. Convenient for a busy mom's schedule with connection in coaching and online community. Start now to get the balance you need!

This program really taught me how to focus on a principle for a week, and I felt that it gave me permission to focus on one thing at a time. As I built those new habits, I realized which balls were my glass balls and which ones were rubber and could be dropped. I learned which things I really needed to hone in on and focus on what was most important.

~ Wendy Jones

Balance reDefined Professional

Are you set in your purpose and ready to move forward? Are you feeling that pull to become an author, speaker, or blogger, or social media personality and need to know the skills and steps to take to move forward in getting your message to the world? In this course, I'll teach you how to become an influential writer, speaker, and medial personality so you can get your message out.