Want in on our FREE weekly "Let's Conference Talk" discussion in September?


Want in on our FREE weekly "Let's Conference Talk" discussion in September?

Live a more purposeful, organized, and joyful life.

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Hi! I’m Connie Sokol, and I'm a speaker, bestselling author, media personality and program founder (not all at once, and not without chocolate...). But at the core most days I’m a keeping-it-real mother of seven. #thegoodthebadtheugly

I love God, spending time with my kids (not after 9), learning and creating fabulous life hacks, and indulging in decadent treats. 

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I was doing better than I thought, but now I have more organization and methods to help me fulfill my life's purpose. I think learning to write a successful life statement was the most helpful. It is so fun to read each morning and see that I truly am fulfilling my purposes, more than I actually thought that I was.

I was so hit or miss in my study, prayer, and goal setting. this course has helped me to be more thorough and actually show up for myself when wanting to achieve the vision I have set for myself. I love the secrets that I learned in Sacred Spaces. I'm learning that it goes hand in hand with receiving personal revelation for myself and for my family.

~ Wendy Jones

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“Connie Sokol has an easy-to-read conversational writing style that I enjoyed. It was like chatting with a friend. As I read, I felt like she had been there, done that, and understood where I was coming from. . . She gets it. . . ."

~ Karen Dupaix, Blogger

Connie Sokol has captured the essence of her message  in her books with her years of experience, extensive research, and twist of good humor.

Richard and Linda Eyre, #1 New York Times Bestselling Authors


Connie Sokol's energy was contagious. Her message was incredible--upbeat, positive, and hilarious. The evaluations we received confirmed she was the best speaker at our conference.

~ Rosalen Woolfenden, Conference Chair, UAHVO

I’m learning that these principles build upon each other. I am recognizing quicker the promptings of the spirit. I’m also recognizing more immediately when I’m out of balance and striving to live in joy and gratitude in those moments. It makes life so much more joyful and fun and peaceful. I’m working on laughing more. I’m excited to take these tools with me in my life and use them and teach them to my children.

~ Wendy Castleton

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