David Finnegan: Exploring Human Experience and Culture

Do you start business with your customer’s experience in mind?

David Finnegan, CIO (Chief Information Officer), did not always look at things that way, until he changed he switched to a customer-oriented company.

He shares: “My boss was extremely customer-oriented. She would focus so much on the experience and she would make sure that was right first, then we could talk about the other things that we had to do to make it happen. But it really taught me to start with the customer’s perspective. And you start with taking care of the customer and connecting with the customer in a meaningful way, then all the other things snap into place.”

He’s worked with Disney, National Geographic, and more. He’s even traveled the world to gain a deeper understanding of the “human experience” by logging over 130,000 miles in one year, and visiting every continent to understand people better. He has such inspiring stories–you’ll want to hear them! And it all started in a one-room company that was run by “an amazing, amazing woman,” who cared about the customers first.

Listen here: https://www.ldspma.org/podcast

Or Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ldspma

Find David Finnegan on Instagram here: exploringplanetearth2022

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