Ready to discover your Purpose? Join the 5-Day Find Your Purpose Challenge! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Are you feeling the rumble to up-level, to let go, to springboard to something significant?

We can show you how.

If you’ve wanted to . . .
  • Know your purpose in this stage
  • Feel energized by your life
  • Make a meaningful contribution
  • Feel His guidance and divine direction in helping you fulfill your potential
. . . then you’re in the right place.
We’ve helped everyday-women do that exact same thing.
On the daily. While being a Mom and everything else . . .

“Oh my gosh, I have been feeling this pull for a long time, like I finally know what I am here for, and I can see doors opening and connections being made, including being drawn to this challenge,”  Amanda Mateus

If you’re ready to find and fulfill your purpose, in this stage of life, join us for our FREE 5-Day Find Your Purpose Challenge!
It’s free, it’s fabulous, and it’s helping you step by step, day by day find and develop your purpose.
Let’s do this together!

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5-Day Find Your Purpose Challenge

If you want to go deeper or higher, we can also help you respond to the rumble to…
  • Share a message
  • Write a book
  • Be a speaker
  • Start a business
  • Do it all for Him . . . 
  • with disciple-focused women,
  • guided by mentors who can help you simply the process
That’s what we do.
Take the small but powerful first step with our FREE Find Your Purpose Challenge.


Enter your name and email to join the
5-Day Find Your Purpose Challenge

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