My Story

The day I hit rock bottom

Years ago I was at rock bottom, emotionally and physically.

I had four children--six and under, and my oldest was autistic. I had no family living close, and I was beyond sleep deprived. But worse, I had started to lose the vision of me a person.


I kept feeling like, “Why can't I get it together? What's wrong with me? Why don't I feel more fulfilled as a mother when I wanted and chose to have these wonderful children?”

And then one day, a switch flipped inside me. Just like that.


And I knew I needed to do it differently.

So I hired a babysitter for an hour and a half, went in my room, and said, “What do I want to do?”

And I didn't know.

I happened to turn on the TV, and a women's talk show was on discussing how to find happiness. As I listened for a moment, I got really angry. Because I knew--I knew how to be happy, and I wasn't doing it.


That was that.

My greatest joy is my family.

I found ways to be joyful again.

I Made the Shift

I turned off the TV, got a piece of paper, and wrote at the top, “What do I want?”

And I wrote as fast as I could breathe -- to sing with a band, to speak again, to write, to be a happy mother, and on and on.


Then I turned the paper over and wrote, “What's stopping me?”

And again, I wrote as fast as it could flow -- too involved in our family business, not setting healthy boundaries, not valuing who I am, being lazy about my dreams, and more. 

And just like that, things shifted.

The Year of Change

That started what I like to call the "Year of the Change."

First I focused on getting fit. It was not pretty. My fashion was often various mumu styles with my hair in a clip. But I found a workout program I could do, got an in-home gym, let my kids play on me and called it sit ups, and ultimately lost 25 pounds and four sizes.


Then I got organized. I streamlined my daily and family schedule, developed tips and tricks, and I saved 26 hours a week.

Then I used that saved time to speak and write again.


I love helping women find joy, purpose and organization as I speak.

On set with Brooke Walker of KSL Studio 5

On set with Brooke Walker of KSL Studio 5

Finding Ways to Live My Purpose

I partnered with the divine to figure out what to share and how to do it while keeping family first. I started writing local newspaper columns, which led to writing columns for a bigger paper. Then speaking at events, doing a radio show, and contributing on a lifestyle TV show.


A little bit here, a lot a bit there -- in bursts and stops. I just kept going with the principles and practices I knew to be true.

Now I Help Other Women Shift Too

Now I have seven children, and I’ve become a bestselling author with over 17 books, a national speaker, a media personality, and a program founder of several courses.

With all of it, I help women and families live purposeful, organized, and joyful lives. Whether it's teaching core habits, getting meaningful work/life balance, or how to become an influential writer, speaker, and media personality, I live the life I love.

I know I'm fulfilling my purpose. And my greatest joy--next to my family--is to help you fulfill yours.

If you've got the desire, I've got the tools.

Click HERE to take the Life Shift Quiz and let’s see how I can help you.

Let’s do this!

Playing at Christmas with 4 of my 7 kids

 I find Connie very relatable. There's been a lot of situations she has shared that I have either been through that or am going through currently. It helps to see someone who has already passed through it and says, "Hey, I tried this and it worked - try and see if it works for you too. 

I know without a doubt what my purpose is. I've stopped second guessing. I've lost 6 lbs. I finished a draft on my novel that took me over a year and have edited a third within six weeks, all while outlining a second book. 

~ Aine Schumire

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