Want in on our FREE weekly "Let's Conference Talk" discussion in September?


Want in on our FREE weekly "Let's Conference Talk" discussion in September?

Joy and Fulfillment!

Wow. I awoke to that shimmering, still-present hum of peace, love, joy and fulfillment from our Disciple Thought Leader retreat this weekend!

So hard to explain it, the break throughs, the purpose work, the sisterhood connections…but some of the women tried with these tender, tear-filled words…

I feel so empowered.

It’s rare to find this caliber of women who are connecting AND making amazing things happen.

I know where I’m going.

I got so much. I have substantial tools and a road map.

It clicked. I’ve searched and I’ve tried a lot of things [to find and fulfill my purpose] but I found that missing piece of the puzzle.

Just what I needed.

The steps don’t feel so big.

It was a temple-like experience.

When I asked the women what moment was most pivotal, one woman summed it up for me…

“What moment WASN’T pivotal?”

We prayed, prepared, and let Him guide each of these women to become effective instruments in sharing their purpose-driven message for Him.

To speak it. To write it. To share it on media.

For Him.

And the breakthroughs are always my favorite…

those women attend with literally no idea why, except they felt moved to…

and have no clear idea what the Lord wants them to do…

and then, they get it…

they partner with the Lord and their soul is shifted. Right then and there.

You see it on their countenance, you hear it in their voice, you experience it as they gain skills, and you read it in their plan.

I can’t express my gratitude to my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and my DTL Team for being a part of His work through this work.

I will share more of this life shifting experience in coming posts, but for today, I simply express gratitude for His great good and these great women.

What are you grateful to the Savior for today?

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