PFL #195: Let’s Conference Talk: “Ladder of Faith” by Larry S. Kacher

Miss last week’s Let’s Conference Talk?

Here it is!

We had Week #4 of our Let’s Conference Talk discussions!

We talked about Elder Larry S. Kacher’s talk: “Ladder of Faith,” and got fantastic takeaways:

“As we accept the Lord’s will, He teaches us how to walk with Him.”

“As we move toward true faith in Jesus Christ, our mindset begins to change.”

He also asks: “How will life’s challenges affect our faith in Jesus Christ?”

How will life’s challenges affect you? What’s your mindset?

Check out all of this and more in this podcast!

What are some of your insights?

How do you prepare for General Conference? 

Some of our Disciple Thought Leaders have told us:

“I prepare by listening to previous Conference talks, and also cleaning and organizing my home, so it is a place where we can feel the Spirit.” ~ Raylene

“The way that I prepare for General Conference is: I read all of the Conference talks from the previous Conference session.” ~ Jerusha

“I prepare by taking time to fill my Spiritual Gas Tank. I also ponder any questions I’ve had so I will be ready and open to receive guidance from the Spirit.” ~ Taylor

“I also like to gather my grown children and their families to our home, and we have a traditional General Conference Sunday Morning Breakfast that we always have, and I love that time together!” ~Angela

To help you prepare for General Conference:

I’m so excited to offer you this FREE General Conference Worksheet!  As you bring your questions to General Conference, this download will give you a place to write your questions, answers received through personal revelation, and your next steps (i.e., get-to-dos) as you move forward in fulfilling your purpose.

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