PFL #193: Let’s Conference Talk: “Is the Plan Working?” by Elder Adrián Ochoa

What meaning does this quote bring to your life?

How have you seen its application work for your good?

“If you look back on your life, I believe you will see that you have exercised faith many times. Joining the Church is an act of faith. Speaking with Heavenly Father in prayer is an act of faith. Reading the scriptures is an act of faith. Listening to my message in this general conference is an act of faith. As President Russell M. Nelson has said, ‘Do not minimize the faith you already have.’”

Watch this discussion that has terrific takeaways such as: we don’t always see results right away; we’re all figuring this out every day; your faith may be greater than you thought.

This wonderful quote from Mary: “Time. Give this time.”

What are some of your insights?

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