PFL #194: Come Home to Peace & Emotional Resilience with Disciple Thought Leader, Diane Passey

Do you ever find yourself struggling to relate or understand your teen?

Our Disciple Thought Leader, Diane Passey, has the perfect program for you!

As a parent of seven children, Diane found herself in the middle of hard things she wasn’t prepared to navigate.

Those heart-wrenching and difficult years stirred in her a deep-seated desire to support other parents so they would never feel as lost and alone as she had.

Diane helps struggling moms of teens build peaceful homes using emotional resilience grounded in scripture, taught with humor and love.

She is a coach, teacher, speaker, hosts a podcast, and is writing her first book!

Want to learn more about this amazing Disciple Thought Leader? Check out our podcast with Diane!

Go to to connect with Diane and get her Freebies!

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