Purpose Filled Life #192: Let’s Conference Talk: “Do What Mattereth Most” by Rebecca L. Craven

Are you ever stuck in knowing what is most essential?

How can you sift through all of the “have-to-dos” as a mom-and?

Thanks to those who joined us for our discussion about the talk “Do What Mattereth Most” by Rebecca L. Craven.

In yesterday’s interactive Zoom call, we talked about how to really find out what’s most essential for you. You’ll hear experiences from everyday women like you who share their learning on how they have learned to focus on what matters most.

From Sister Rebecca L. Craven: “In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord occasionally says, ‘It mattereth not.’ It makes me ponder that if some things matter not, or matter less, there must be things that matter most. In our efforts to do something or do anything, we might ask ourselves, ‘What mattereth most?'”

Every day, we can ask ourselves this question.

I loved this thought from a Purpose Filled Woman named Cecily:

“The way to get what you need is to give what you need.”

Watch below to catch the podcast and hear the discussion.

I invite you to keep the discussion going by sharing your thoughts.

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