Podcast Interview #199: What Makes a DTL? Find out with Program Founder, Connie Sokol

What kind of a disciple do you want to be?

This is a question I asked myself as I was searching for ways to find my purpose in Christ.

And the phrase that really stuck with me is I really want to be a representative of Jesus Christ’s ideals.

And that is exactly what a Disciple Thought Leader is.

If we are Disciple Thought Leaders, that means we are setting the tone, we are saying we’re different. We are choosing to use our unique characteristics to fulfill our purpose…for Him.

To hear more, check out this episode where I get interviewed!

Imagine yourself living your purpose and confidently sharing the message you feel called to share for Him.

With the right tools, you can successfully become a speaker, writer, and media presence . . . for Him. At our Disciple Thought Leaders Retreats, we teach you the skills so you can effectively share your message with the world.

“Inspiring, motivating and exhilarating. I was able to get clear about my purpose and message. I was given powerful tools. And I was able to receive a direct road map for what I was wanting to accomplish and what I have felt that the Lord has called me to do.” ~Kristy Higley

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