Guest Podcast Host PFL 181: How to Navigate Seasons of Work, Motherhood, Postpartum, & Reach Goals

Have you ever wondered how you can navigate all the things as a mother–and still achieve your goals?

Join Guest Host, Ashlee Stratton, Disciple Thought Leader Amabassador, as she interviews Sarah Clark, Owner of The Dainty Pear (and one of our Disciple Thought Leaders).

Sarah has run several different businesses and is a mother of five.

She has navigated postpartum, business highs and lows, and is here to share her tips with you on how to go through different seasons of your life, and do it successfully.

She is the author of the cookbook, “Grounded,” and shares how her farm, faith, and family have inspired her to be where she is today.

A don’t-miss episode!

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