Episode 167: Disciple Thought Leader Podcast: Using the Power of Forgiveness in Everyday Life with Wendi Christensen

Ever needed to forgive but just couldn’t quite get there?

A Disciple Thought Leader, Wendi Christensen, LCSW, and co-founder of Hope Squad, shares powerful but simple steps to give ourselves and others this life-changing gift.

Learn how she discovered her purpose and the difficult choices she made to start fulfilling it.

And receive the actual forgiveness exercise she takes you through RIGHT IN THE PODCAST–so powerful!!

Follow Wendi Christensen and stay updated with her on Facebook. Search for “Wendi Christensen, Counselor.” She’s also on Instagram: @wendichristensencounseling.

Want to become a Disciple Thought Leader like Wendi? Or, are you just curious to find out more? Go here to schedule a Discovery Call with Connie: conniesokol.com/retreat/.

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