Podcast Episode #168: Got Grandkids? Don’t Underestimate the Influence of “Nanahood”!

Are you at that fabulous Grandma stage but not sure how to rock it in this day and age?

We’ve got you!

This interview was utterly hilarious and packed with joy–I’m smiling typing this! Mary Jo Bell, host of Mom Meets World podcast and contributor to Meridian Magazine shares FANTASTIC tips on “Nanahood.”

Get the lowdown on how to make the little moments count and unite hearts at all stages of grandkids.

Reach Mary Jo Bell by email: maryjobell@gmail.com, or go to her podcast, Moms Meet World.

Promised tips & Nanahood favorites from Mary Jo Bell:

*Nana Fairy
*The Poem
*Calling people on their birthdays together as grandparetns
*Read, read read
*The magic of the library!
A full day of errands? Take a child 3 and up! Have lunch, go to Costco, all the things (we live about 45 min. away from Costco and major shopping-so we have time to chat all the way over and back. And when they are in the car-they can’t make messes!)
*Nana’s L’il Banannas-making banana bread together
*Have a small thing you can whisper in their ears that they can always recall (choose the right moment). Here is an example of something I said to my own children and now whisper to my grand children: “Always remember that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and if you keep the commandments and follow the prophet, you will find peace and joy in this life and perfect peace and joy in the world to come.”
Are you far away? You can still have a ……
Nana hotel party! Go to the mall, get a haircut, got to the dollar store for fun little things to do at the hotel, go to the hotel pool, take pictures-make memories-send the photos to parents and child
*Zoom calls with grandchildren and read books over Zoom
*Fun music Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies
*Play games-they learn to compete in a healthy way, good sportsmanship, and the importance of rules and following them. Plus, games often naturally generate a lot of laughter!
*Instead fo birthday gifts, give them Live-Action shows (Broadway in our town) instead.
*Car washes! They stay in the car! So fun-especially pre-school age!
*Park with picnic!
*Elaine Serling-check out this music
*All classical music as well-nursing vs. bottle feeding analogy

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