Disciple Thought Leader Podcast #166: The Healing Power of Generational Gardening: Meet Ardice of Ardice & Co

As a Disciple Thought Leader, Ardice has felt and seen the power of generational gardening – bringing all ages of a family together in nature.

Her tender three-generation experiences with her grandmother, mother, and now her own daughters created a desire to share it with others.

Now, she is building her own healing garden. This time, to share with all families as a healing, hope-inspiring place to come and be.

Find out how she found her purpose, took the first scary steps to start fulfilling it, and how it’s blessed her family and others’ lives already! 

Connect with Ardice on Facebook at Ardice & Co., and on Instagram: @ardiceandco.

Learn more about how to connect with Ardice and to donate to her garden here: https://www.subscribepage.com/a4g6g7

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