Episode #165: Disciple Thought Leader Podcast: Create Your Space, Create Your Life with Angela Ingo

Have you looked around your home and said, “We need to REDO this space?”

But then said, “I can’t afford it/don’t know how to do it/feel too stressed to even try it”?

Sooo been there. And was rescued by our very own Disciple Thought Leader, Angela Ingo.

As a Home Re-designer she took my hole-in-the-wall office and worked with me to make it into a gorgeous, colorful space that I LOVE to be in.

But even better, she teaches others to do the same thing!

In this upbeat, insightful podcast, you’ll connect with this fabulous Disciple Thought Leader as she shares her experience in finding her purpose designing for Him. And how that’s making a difference in people’s lives!

***On Angela’s website get her FREE download: 3 Quick Tips to Finish Your Space: https://www.subscribepage.com/l5g9j5***

To find Angela Ingo, email her at: aingo33@gmail.com,
on Instagram: @aingo,
or Facebook: Angela Ingo

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