How to Have a Purpose-Filled Summer

Part 1–For Family

It’s that magical time of the year when kids say…I’M BORED. Or, I’M LATE TO MY SPORTS CAMP. Or, I’M TOO TIRED/OLD/YOUNG/STRESSED TO DO YARD WORK. And when parents say, Help! Rather than go crazy trying to keep kids busy or entertained, or rush into a jam-packed schedule, try these simple tips to make it purpose-filled. Purpose what? That’s right, driven by purpose that creates deep satisfaction no matter what you’re doing. In three months you’ll end the summer feeling fulfilled, having worked some, played some, and made some fabulous memories. Bring it on!

Part 2–For You

Summer is a double-edged sword for Moms. It can be more down time but often, it’s just as busy as the school year. But not this year. No, you and I are going to have a purpose-filled summer for ourselves too! You can read, laugh, workout, pursue your personal purpose and make a difference right along with your kiddos. It simply takes a little intention and know-how. Find out how other women have defined their lives, gently pursued their purpose, and created an oasis of fulfillment through the summer. Check out these simple tips on how. You’re gonna love a summer of joy and deep satisfaction, while showing your kids how to enjoyably focus on what matters most, even in summer.

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