Podcast Interview #202: Just Start with Wendy Jones

Do you wonder how you can use your unique gifts and talents to do more–to be an instrument for Him?

When Disciple Thought Leader Wendy Jones, a DIYer, attended a DTL Retreat nearly two years ago, she had no idea how she could use her skills with power tools to do something for Him.

Two years later, she’s getting ready for her own seventh retreat as the founder of “The Sister Project”  – a retreat where she brings together like-minded women to learn how to use power tools, have a positive retreat experience, and in turn, provide service for another sister in need of support.

She says…

“We bring women together, allow them time to connect with each other, focus on healing themselves, then turn and serve someone else in the community.”

She is starting “a trend that sisterhood combined with service can do mighty things. No need to hop on a plane to do humanitarian work. We are right here, changing lives for others, including ourselves. It’s serving peers, neighbors, and especially sisters.”

Be inspired to use your unique gifts in our latest DTL podcast as you listen to Wendy’s story about how she stepped into her purpose and now teaches and serves others.

To connect with Wendy and the Sister Project, email Wendy here: wendy@thesisterproject.us

Follow her on Instagram: @thesisterproject.us

Visit her website to find out more about her, her mission, the Sister Project, and what is available for you: www.thesisterproject.us

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