Podcast Interview #203: Have Happy Kids and Families with Angela Meyers

Looking for ways to connect with and be more present with your kids this year?

Disciple Thought Leader, Angela Meyers, is a Parenting Expert!

She has some advice for getting started right:

“Listen to your child for five minutes without saying anything except for short confirming words, like, ‘. . . and?'”

She gently reminds, “Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either, ‘I wish I had,’ or ‘I’m glad I did.'”

Angela offers “I’d be happy to!” as a Freebie on her website, and it’s a terrific way to try out this life-changing system that will bring a happier, more peaceful atmosphere to your home and your relationship with your kids.

Want responsible and respectful kids?

This podcast is for you.

Angela is the founder of Kudos for Kids where she helps kids shift behavior as fast as ONE DAY.

Connect with her and her journey right here!

To connect with Angela, email her: kudosforfamilies@gmail.com

Go to her Instagram: @kudosforfamilies

Find her on Facebook: Angela Jones Meyers: Kudos for Families

For her FREEBIE, go here: https://kudosforfamilies.com/newsletter

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