Mauli Junior Bonner: Celebrating diversity and promoting unity–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast

Have you seen your purpose in everyday life experiences, but not recognized it at first?

Mauli Bonner from the famous Bonner Family realized his mother had taught him all he needed to know to be prepared for his purposes in life with music. He passed up a football scholarship because of it.

But getting started? “It was tough,” Mauli said. “Really tough.”
But, he stuck with it.

From performing with his family (starting in 2018) to directing and writing the award-winning movie “Green Flake,” authoring a children’s book with his wife and starting a non-profit for children, Mauli has gone forward with faith. “When you just continue taking the steps, that’s it; everything reveals itself.”

Watch this fascinating interview full of surprises and miracles with Mauli Bonner.

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