Podcast Episode #173: Got Scripture Study? Add Power and Pop to Your “Come, Follow Me”! An Interview with Cali Black

What a fabulous and energizing interview on how to LOVE the scriptures–as in, get what you need to do life on the daily!

It really is scripture power!

Scripture study enthusiast, Cali Black of @comefollowmestudy shares simple ideas to change your scripture experience.

And she shares 3 tips to go deeper and feel more joy as you read.

A don’t-miss interview!

Connect with Cali!

Her Instagram: @comefollowmestudy,
Facebook: Come, Follow Me Study,
Her Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/one-minute-scripture-study-a-come-follow-me-podcast/id1501755896,
and her website: comefollowmestudy.com.

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