"Simplify and Savor the Season" with my ebook.


"Simplify and Savor the Season" with my ebook.

We Will Ascend Together

Oh my heart!

We just finished our 5th Disciple Thought Leader retreat and it was fantastic.

It was a veritable (and literal) feast of the Spirit and all good things!

Second only to my family, this is my joy.

To help women find and fulfill their purposes For Him.

As women, to be seen and heard and loved and befriended by other covenant women.

To feel their value and their worth; to laugh and to cry; to learn and to look through a Disciple Thought Leader lens.

And that changes everything.

Suddenly, women who came downtrodden and weary are smiling and laughing and glowing.

Women who had a rumble in their heart and pieces of a vision left with clarity, confidence, and connection.

What a blessing we get to participate in His great work, together.

“Thee lift me, and I’ll lift thee, and we will ascend together.” — Old Quaker Proverb

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