Crystal Despain: Finding “that place where whimsy and life connect”–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast

Are you driven in pursuing a purpose, or does it seem out of reach?

Fine art painter, Crystal Despain, was driven, but not to become an artist–not at first. She was on a completely different path, and then she became a mother, and set aside her painting completely. But as her husband kept dragging out the paints, she felt called to create.

To motivate herself, she prays, plays “you’ve got this” music, puts affirmations around her studio, and holds onto memories that inspire her–like a jar of sand from when she was caught in a sandstorm.

“It was a powerful testimony builder for me of God coming for me. It reminds me that I can get through hard things, and that God is always there, and He loves me.”

Check out this often-surprising podcast with fine artist Crystal Despain for beautiful tips and tools that can help you when you feel called to create . . . for Him.

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