Purpose Filled Life Podcast: Our 150th Episode! with Brooke Walker

Best. Girlfriend Chat. Ever. Grab your favorite treat and settle in for this amazing, insightful, connect-right-to-your-soul interview with host, executive producer, and mom of soon-to-arrive four.

I literally laughed, cried, and learned SO MUCH. This dear friend of 15 years gave me an encouraging start to media. And in her trademark authentic, caring, and savvy way she has impacted hundreds of thousands of other women for good over 15 seasons of her lifestyle show.

In this interview, Brooke dishes on navigating media, motherhood, learning curves, and so much more. She shares behind-the-scenes experiences on her unexpected journey and the life lessons along the way.

Do yourself a favor–put up your feet, play it as you drive, simply soak in this personal favorite interview, a perfect 150th episode celebration of Purpose Filled Life!

1 thought on “Purpose Filled Life Podcast: Our 150th Episode! with Brooke Walker”

  1. Janneke Marquez

    Great episode!!! Loved Brooke’s wisdom and your summary at the end, Connie! As someone who is in a “middle” season – do I go out “there” to fulfill a purpose or continue this journey at home in my quiet, non-public venue… this episode really gave me lots to ponder. Say yes to the right things. What’s the honest why as to why I’m doing _____? Am I giving my best energy to the people who matter most? Loved Brooke! Good luck with #4!

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