Women Helping Women

Recently, I spoke at a women’s conference and shared the following experience that I feel to share here.

As you know, the Women’s Suffrage movement—helping women obtain the right to vote—had difficulty getting going on many fronts. However, two women came together in the most amazing way to create miracles.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born to privilege yet schooled in and a fierce supporter of anti-slavery (having even met Harriet Tubman and wept as she listened to her personal experience), felt the injustice women received from not having the vote. Her husband, an avid supporter of this woman’s right, helped her to spearhead the first Women’s Rights Convention to seek the possibility of women receiving the vote.

As a mother of seven, her time was limited. She did what she could by writing letters to conventions and private friends to stir their interest in this important goal. When things shifted was in meeting Susan B. Anthony. They formed an incredible, useful partnership. Elizabeth would often write the content, and Susan would deliver the messages in a powerful way.

I love this quote Ms. Stanton shared about their friendship. “It has been said that I forged the thunderbolts and she fired them.” Although it took twenty years, women finally received the right to vote.

Photo courtesy of Britannica.com Elizabeth Cady Stanton (seated) and Susan B. Anthony. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC USZ 62 37938)

What a beautiful complement of two women’s gifts and purposes! In giving and receiving with each other, they changed the course of history and made better the lives of women everywhere.

This personally hits home for me in so many ways! As a mother of seven too, my gratitude goes bone deep for the women who, over the years, have assisted me in sharing my message to women, wives, and mothers everywhere of God and family first, and, pursuing your personal purpose to make your difference in the world, without sacrificing the others.

As women partner together, we allow each other to do just that, and make it MORE ENJOYABLE AND IMPACTFUL than it ever could have been with each of us acting alone.

This year, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I invite you to celebrate those who have helped you fulfill that vital calling more happily and successfully, who have used their strengths to shore up your weaknesses, and move forward your abilities. Who have helped to make you whole through their love and contribution.

With hope that you’ll find someone to help with your successes, and whom you can help–

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