Podcast Interview #204: Get Grounded with Food, Family & Worship with Sarah Clark

What if your purpose is something you are working hard to avoid?

Disciple Thought Leader Sarah Clark avoided anything “domestic,” and intentionally took Auto and Shop classes in school instead of Home Economics. She made jewelry, fixed cars, started a farm, became a birth doula and an aesthetician . . . but didn’t cook.

“I had told my [Young Women leaders] that my husband was going to just have to eat Hungry Man meals every night.”

Founder of The Dainty Pear Co. and now a successful, published author of two cookbooks, Sarah shares how “we can change and evolve,” and embrace our unique purposes.

Listen to Sarah’s journey, challenges, and her process of stepping into her purpose . . . for Him.

Connect with Sarah on her website: thedaintypear.com

Or on Instagram: @thedaintypear

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