Adassa: Vocalist of Disney’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”–An LDSPMA Called to Create Podcast

Are you willing to put family first . . . for Him?

Imagine you feel called to create, and are starting to dream big about a career in music and possibly show business. Then you get married young and start having children. What choices would you make? 

Even though there’s been a lot of learning and deciding about priorities, Adassa, the voice of Dolores in the Disney production, “Encanto,” puts her family first.

Adassa shares: “Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to money so you can say ‘yes’ to moments, and moments you can never get back.”

Listen to this energy-charged, inspiring, and delightful podcast (there may be some singing and rapping going on, too) with Adassa, and hear about the journey she’s taking to be a creative while putting family first as a “Mom and,” for Him.

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