PFL Episode #189: All Your Purpose Questions Answered: Follow-up from our Find Your Purpose Challenge

All your purpose questions answered!

For my podcast this week, I’m sharing our culminating Live Q&A for the 5-Day Find Your Purpose Challenge we had in Purpose Filled Women on Facebook this month.

It was such a joy and a privilege to be with you!! I’ve loved seeing your growth and feeling your joy.

I invite you to write down your next step, and then take it. Whatever you need to do, please move forward towards becoming a Disciple Thought Leader, and build on what you’ve already done this week.

It’s waiting for you.

If you have any questions, want to know more about the Disciple Thought Leader Retreat, or want help moving forward, we would love to guide you.

Check out all of the info at

Hugs and loves and keep that joy and purpose-driven living!

Miracles await!

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