Download my FREE General Conference Worksheet!


Download my FREE General Conference Worksheet!

Let’s Conference Talk!

Are you prepared for General Conference?

It used to be when you prepared for General Conference, the most important thing you did was prepare . . . the menu. 

Not anymore.

Now the most important thing is that we are all in shape to hear whatever church-shifting changes await us. 

In General Conference, whether a member of this church or not, we each are given in-the-moment access to and knowledge of what we and our family need to live with more peace, purpose, and joy. 

To get answers to tough questions.

To know true doctrine of Christ and live it more fully. 

To feel a peace and confirmation for ourselves of what we know, feel, and need to do.


This year, let's prepare together!

Join me every Tuesday in September at 12:30 p.m. MT for a FREE Live 30 minute discussion on Zoom of some of our favorite April 2022 General Conference talks.

Register below and get all the details (zoom link, reminders, and list of talks).

Can't be on live? Sign up to get the replay links.

See you there!

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