Ultimate Move-Out Checklist: Is Your Child Move-Out Ready?

Moving away from home is a huge milestone for our adult children. So how do we know they’re ready? How do we know they’ve mastered basic life skills? If you are wondering if your child is move-out ready, I’ve got you covered with the ultimate parent checklist.

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Here are three lessons every child should master before they move out:


When we think of our children leaving home, our minds often jump to cooking and laundry. But it’s important to remember, if they can’t look someone in the eye and have a functional, meaningful conversation, they are going to struggle. Make sure your child has certain skills such as the ability to greet someone, maintain eye-contact, and listen and respond appropriately.


This is one of the top reasons for contention between roommates. Messy living habits rank in the top three of the most difficult and frustrating characteristics a person can have. Before your child moves home, make sure they know how to make their bed, pick up clothes, and take out the trash. Remember to teach deep cleaning skills such as sanitizing bathroom, shower, and floor.


An article in Forbes cited the most common financial literacy problems for graduating seniors were the not knowing how to budget, spending too much, understanding how debt works, and implementing an emergency fund. Implement daily finance practices into your family. Show your child how to handle bills and plan next month’s budget. This is also a great opportunity to look for scholarship opportunities.

For more information and practical how-tos, you can get more information from my podcast series: What Your Kids Need to Know Before They Leave Home.

You can also watch the full Studio 5 Segment here:

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