​Keep ​this month Christ-Centered with my book 40 Days with the Savior​https://amzn.to/2Iy7zN3​​​


​Keep ​this month Christ-Centered with my book 40 Days with the Savior​https://amzn.to/2Iy7zN3​​​

My 40 Days Uplevel Life Experiment – Part 1

Balance reDefined Radio Episode 61

(The following is the transcript of the podcast.)
Hi, I’m Connie Sokol, a national speaker, bestselling author, program founder, and mother of seven and loving it. I’m reaching and teaching 1 million listeners to live a purposeful, organized, and joyful life. You can too. So let’s go.

Welcome back to Balance reDefined. I’m Connie Sokol and I’m so happy to have you join me for some thoughts today on my 40 day uplevel experiment.

What does that mean? That means that a few weeks ago I got this download that I was rumbling with my life and it’s really wonderful, love of my life, really worked hard to create a life that I feel fulfilled living on a daily basis. I have worked for years for this and I love, love, love it, but as always, then you get to the next level and it’s so annoying because you’re like, I’m happy at this level, can’t you just leave me at this level? But I started getting the rumbling.

Have you had the rumble? It’s that rumble in your soul and you start to feel like something is not sitting. And I went through a whole bunch of things. I was like, no, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. And then I went, oh, that’s what it is, I need to uplevel!

So how did I need to uplevel? Well, the feeling thoughts that I had were in three areas. So I don’t know if this is something that resonates with you if you felt the desire to do something in these three areas, but it was spiritual, it was physical, and it was mental. And I know a lot of emotion goes into each one of those, but that’s the three, and what that specifically looked and felt like to me after I kind of thought through it and was like, what does that mean?

What does that look like?

The spiritual meant, I really wanted to get closer to the divine, really understand those personal messages that I’m getting on a daily basis. And a lot of them, I’m not even hearing, not even kind of like my kids that I kind of tune out sometimes. Yeah, kind of not hearing the message that I’m supposed to be getting.

And the second was the physical. I really, I mean I felt like I was in good shape. I’m eating good food, I’m doing yoga. I mean I feel like I was doing pretty darn good, but I could feel this feeling of I am like 10 pounds, maybe 15 pounds from like MY BEST. Have you ever felt that way? Like I really, I just know if I just dropped a little bit of weight, I could just feel my best and I have this excellent energy all the time and this, this fitness and this tone and I just, I want to feel that way.

I want to feel like I can go and do whatever I want to do. If I want to go hike if I need to give three presentations back to back or a three-hour presentation and go strong the whole time, that I’m not worried about that. I’m not reaching for any substance or anything, not reaching for that, you know, sipping juice at three, 3:00 PM I see the line going up the drive. Right. Um, I, I don’t, I’m not doing that. I don’t want to have anything like that. I just want to have it from within.

So that was the physical and then the mental was the abundance mentality. I wanted to up my game in that abundance mentality because if you listen to my other podcast, I’m seeing such results with having that abundance mentality. So I’m just going to take you through some amazing things that happened when I started this process.

Okay. So the first thing I started with was I got a personal trainer.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I, in all my years of fitness, I’ve been, you know, working out for, I don’t know, 30, 40 years. I mean, I was running in high school like jogging. So it’s been a long time, 40 years. I mean, wow. So I had been working out in mostly on my own. I don’t know about you, but I have just not been one to go to a class because I had a whole lot of kids when they were all little and it was really hard to do that. So I’ve done a lot of fitness by myself. The only thing I’ve done is probably walking with friends or something like that at different parts of my life. But, um, that didn’t always work with schedules and kids would get sick and blah, blah, blah.

So to be consistent, I really had to do it at home. I’ve done a lot of DVDs, I’ve done a lot of, um, like, uh, we did a home gym and so I’ve done stuff like that and so I really have not had someone kind of guide me. I did a Zumba class for a couple of years for, for several years and that was the only one that, okay, so I digress.

But the reason that I’m bringing this up is there was a little bit of pride there maybe because I was like, why do I need a personal trainer? But I can figure this out. I’m a self starter. Why do we need to have someone help me do fitness? I mean, come on, like how hard can it be? You do some squats and some lunges, come on. And I’ve already done body for life, so I already knew like how to do weightlifting and things like that (or so I thought), and so I didn’t think I needed any help.

Ooh, does that sound familiar? And here talk about calling the pot, the pot, calling the kettle black. I had been talking to women for years about, you know what, I’ve realized, that we all need some kind of coach. We need someone who is more experienced in a certain realm to help us up level and do it quicker, faster, better, right.

And that’s what I tell women all the time because the studies prove it and my programs prove it. When we help women, we give them the life hacks and boom, they just fly. So, so fast. We have like a 90% plus successful completion rate in our coaching programs. I mean it’s unheard of and it’s because of the way that I’ve set it up with the women and their busy mom schedule and how it actually flows and works and, and the way that we encourage and support and do all of that.

Okay. So anyway, the bottom line being, I may or may have not have had an issue with having someone help me. Maybe. So I kind of pushed back on this personal trainer thing and it took me a little while because you know it’s a cost and it’s expensive and it’s time. And I’m like, okay, I could be writing during that time, but I literally prayed about it and I’m getting my hair done.

Okay, if you’ve heard my podcast is where all good things happen, I’m telling you, even though I don’t even like getting my hair done because it seems like a waste of time, but I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had absolute inspiration sitting in that chair. It is hysterical. So anyway, and I happen to ask, my stylist said, hey, do you know anyone that’s a good personal trainer? And guess what?

I’ve gone to her for 15 years. I didn’t know she knew anyone. And she said, you know what, I haven’t been to this gal myself, but I hear a lot of great things about this Gal. Turns out she lives 10 minutes away from me. Can you get over that? I went what?! So I thought, I’ll try it out. You know, it’s always good. I always talk about experiment upon the word. So go and try it. So I go and try this doing this personal trainer and the first time we meet it’s just kind of a console, kind of get a lay of the land and I’m telling you within five minutes we are [lip flapping noises] talk, talk talk talk talk, helping women and she helps women in her way and how it’s like part therapy and where she is and, and, and working out together and blah, blah, blah.

And I’m like, yeah, and this is, I mean, we were off on all kinds of tangents and I thought this is, this is good because she’s got a soul about working out. It’s not just about losing weight or losing inches or how far can you push it and really, really work it. It’s not like that. It’s a whole soul experience and that’s what I’m all about. And so I said, okay, I’ll go ahead and do this. And you know what? It’s been, what, three, four weeks now? And I can’t even begin to tell you what I have learned from this experience.

How many times it’s paralleling my life and I wrote blog posts about it because it was so amazing what I learned about recovery for myself emotionally when I was recovering from really hard workouts when she talked about the growth zone in the training zone and I called it the birthing zone because you know you’re making guttural sounds, like really do I have to go this far to actually see some results?

But I have learned so much from the things that I’ve done there. Lately, I just was learning about the snatch where she’s doing Olympic lifting with me and you, you kind of lift like a shrug and then you almost toss it, kind of almost tossed the bar above your head and then you snatch it in this sort of squat booty pose. Okay. I don’t know how else to say it. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s called snatching the bar and it’s all all about trust. Trusting yourself, trusting that you’re going to do the right technique, trusting that you’re going to snatch that bar in the right way. Just trust and oh man, is it teaching me so much in these other areas of my life? So this whole concept of using a personal trainer and having a coach help me 10 X, my life is fantastic.

Within two weeks I could already see a difference. In fact, I put on a dress that I wanted to wear and I thought, well it has this, that little bit of Pooch, you know, or your tummy is, you know what I’m talking about ladies? Doesn’t matter how many setups ups you do. It’s got that little pooch about three o’clock in the afternoon and there was no pooch. It was like just beautiful, straight down. And I was like, boo-ya feeling like I’m rocking it. Because if I’m walking on a stage and I’m talking to people about get fit and fabulous, you better believe they are looking at me and saying does she walks her talk? Now that doesn’t mean I have to fit some kind of expectation like I’m a size zero, not at all. But when I’m talking about being your best, being able to look and feel your best and that I’ve got tips and tools that will make that happen, I Dang well better be walking that.

Now what looks my best after having a baby is not what looks my best five years later. So I’m absolutely good about owning that, but I am at a place where I can be my absolute best. And it was so joyful to start on this path with someone who knows more than I do and could correct me in my technique, who could help me to know, note, don’t do any more today because you’re going to really feel it tomorrow. Even though I was feeling great in the euphoric moment and she was spot on the next day, knew to tell me to put on magnesium foam on my muscles so that it wouldn’t be so bad and take some Epson salt baths, which helped me tremendously. So these are the things that a coach or a trainer does.

So I want you to kind of liken this to your life. As I’m upleveling in these 40 days with my life and doing this experiment in these three life areas, I want you to consider in your life, is there something physical that you want to uplevel in your life?

Is it that you want to have more physical movement in your life?

Is it that you want to get rid of diabetes, that you want to treat it, that you want to do something to reduce that? What is it that you want to do with that?

Is it that you want to actually eat healthier? Not just say it, but find a way to eat healthy that you love. Not just all I can live with that you love, otherwise you will not stick to it. And it’s taken me a few years to be able to figure that out. And then you’d have to adjust and you have to adjust again, but to figure out what’s my rhythm and what do I love and what I’ve trained myself to love that makes it actually good for me.

And I still have the things I love that are not necessarily quote-unquote good for me. So we have a place here called Kneaders that has all these yummy tarts and treats and things like that. And guess what? We have a big religious conference this weekend that we have twice a year and we get to watch it in our pajamas. And you better believe we’re bringing home some of those yummy eclairs and tarts and all of those patisserie from Kneaders because that’s what we do, and I think nothing of it except joy. So what is it that physically you might want to up level. And when I say uplevel, it doesn’t mean you have to jump the Grand Canyon to uplevel.

It means a simple shift.

What is a simple subtle shift that you can do that you can enjoy?

Is it taking a walk after dinner at night?

Is it getting up 15 minutes earlier and maybe just doing some deep breaths, maybe doing some stretches so that your body gets to be able to feel fluid and flexible rather than tight and then you’re prone to injury, especially as you get older.

What does that look like for you?
What is one way that you would love to up level?

And of course, always keep in mind your absolute outcome. I already have in my mind what outcome I want physically. I can see myself, I’m standing on stage, I know what dress I’m wearing, I know exactly what that looks like in my mind. So I’m clear was that as I’m upleveling and while I’m in the middle of that snatch squat and it’s the fifth one and I’m dying, I’ve got that clear in my mind and I am using that as my motivation to know that I can be my best self.
So consider that.

Okay, so the second thing that you might think might have been the first thing, but I usually go to physical first so I can have the energy to do anything else I need to do. The second thing was drawing closer to deity and I thought I need to study more about the truths of the savior of what Jesus Christ taught. Now if you have a different belief system, just put that slide that right in.

What are the truths that you love to study that make you feel uplifted and make you feel up leveled? What are those? Now I know what they are for me and I, I have to be honest, I love scripture. I didn’t always, oh my gosh, when I was young, I was like snore. But I love it now I know and feel the difference, I feel the benefits, I know how I feel when I read scripture. I know how my day goes when I read scripture and if I’m listening to it in the car or I’m reading the words, doesn’t matter because I’m getting those juicy benefits. Ooh, I love, love, love it. So now I don’t even have to put a goal to read scripture. Listen to scripture. I just, I naturally yearn for it every day, which is awesome.

But maybe, maybe if you’re upleveling, you’re like, you know what? I’m where you were, where you’re like snore. Like really? Is this very helpful? It’s just a whole lot of old language and it’s just not very exciting. I got to tell you what, there is nothing more exciting than the scriptures–talk about a soap opera and the most dysfunctional families. I’ll tell you what I learned from scripture.

Families are messy and isn’t it beautiful that God puts it in a book and says, look, you’re not so different. You’re not so weird. These people who were even weirder there were even more dysfunctional. I mean, talk about you go through the Old Testament. There is some weird stuff happened in there. I can tell you what now I know you have to take it in context of culture, but the reality is as you study true words, you will feel your soul really uplevel.

You’ll find your thoughts up level, your actions, your choices. They’ll all be uplevelled and it doesn’t take a ton. I’ve noticed that. So for myself, I thought, you know what? I need to build in time to do this. And so I started building in some time on certain days that I know that’s my study time and that’s what I’m just going to open up and go with what I feel to do, and one thing that I learned specifically with this is once again I learned you have to create a sacred space.

So whether it’s, I’ve already got a playlist in my car for when I’m driving, I know exactly what I’m going to press and play to listen to. Or if it’s a placed in your home, maybe it’s a room or maybe it’s just a corner of a room. I have both. I have a room that I like to go into, it a living room and it’s very soaring ceilings and it’s beautiful and it’s very kind of pediment, gray, whitish. It is really pretty and calm and it looks right out into the trees and the forest that we live in. And so it’s, it’s beautiful. And I have that, and then I also have a chair in my room and that’s the messy space. I’ve got steady books and scripture and I’ve got highlighters and I’ve got wrappers from my protein bar, and I’ve got it all on my Ottoman and this big Ikea cushy chair and this Ottoman, it’s all spread out because that’s how I study.

It’s not a really pretty method. It’s just the way that I do it and I think and I snack and I write, you know, you feast upon the word right and so anyway, consider if you’re thinking, wow, I want to uplevel that spirituality, what’s that look like for you? Maybe it’s walking in nature and just having 15 minutes of quiet time just alone with your thoughts and a divine influence. Or maybe it’s you being able to say, once a week I’m going to carve out time for a religious observance, whatever that is. Maybe it’s Mass, maybe it’s going into a church and taking the Sacrament. Maybe it’s going to a religious like a place, um, or even not a religious place, but just that place set apart that you can just have that feeling of being close to Deity. Whenever that is, I so invite you to do it because here’s what happened.

Another thing is you pray for the help to know how you can draw closer and he will help you. Maybe it’s you feel to listen to certain music or maybe it’s you feel to talk to a certain friend. But as you pray to know how to draw, draw closer to him, you will find things happening in your life or things coming to you as ideas. And so funny, I teach Sunday school in my church and it’s the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And I just crack up because I have, of all the things that I’ve done there, I have not taught Sunday school in years and years and years because it’s a really mearer, you’re talking about doctrine and all that stuff. It’s really intense and I love talking about the women just like chat, kind of chat, talking with doctrine, but like making it real. So this is like everyone and they’re all in one room and it’s huge.

Right? And it’s like, it’s so intimidating. I can speak in front of 700 people and I have no problem at all. You get up in Sunday School and it’s like, you know, like you’re sweating, your palms are sweating and you’re thinking, I really think I need to like go to the restroom right now–and stay there. Anyway. Um, so I thought it was too ironic because I thought, I really want to uplevel this and guess what just happened? Instead of teaching once a month because there’s another co-teacher now they decided to split the class and now I will be teaching twice a month. There’s my prayer answered of how I can uplevel and study more truth, right? Because now it’s imperative. Now it’s built in and I can’t put it off. You’ll find those things happen too, and I think God chuckles every single time kind of that well, you asked for it. I gave it to you.

Thank you so much.

All right, so that was the second area. And then the third area was this abundance mentality. Now the point I want to make on this abundance mentality is a powerful one because you don’t just uplevel in one area, right? You’re going to up level in all areas. That’s the beauty of deciding to uplevel and taking this challenge. I even did blog posts and hashtags on Instagram and was like, okay, I’m going to share my learning. Right? And you can go back and you can watch it, and look at those on my social media, uplevelfff, which is uplevel faithful, fit, and fabulous ‘kay? So you’re welcome to go and check those out. So anyway, with this abundance mentality, I thought, well, I’ve been doing these abundance meditations and things like that, so I don’t know how to really, really uplevel like what you just white knuckle and clench your fists and go, I feel really abundant minded today.

Right? Is that what you do? No, that’s not what I do. So I’m kind of asking him and saying how, how will I know that I’m being abundant minded? And also how do I open up to that? Well, of course I’ve been asked to do a variety of things that I had not planned on doing that does not look abundance minded to me.

What it looks like, is stress, and like opening my soul in ways I don’t really want to open up. So that was one of the first things I was like, oh, I’m opening up to more, which means I have to open my soul to more. So just be prepared for that. Okay, it’s a good ride. But just be prepared for that. And what happened was, um, some things that I was praying about being abundant minded about, did not come about in the way that I thought.

So we were planning for this big conference and I thought there was going to be this great outcome with the things that we prepared for at the booth and all these different things that I was offering. And I was so excited and on the day of it was good, but it wasn’t like we had thought it would be, and I thought, wow, I really prepared for this. I was really solution focused and I was doing my part and I was holding faith and I was moving forward because I know these things are the very things that the women coming to this conference are going to need. And what was interesting is that, no, some of those things didn’t happen that day. But guess what did happen the next week.

And I kid you not, I’m going to go through this because you will not believe what just happened. So one of the things that I had wanted was to have some specific women in one of the programs that I offer. One of the programs that I offer is how to be an influential writer, speaker, and media personality. And it’s a very small, intimate group. And I love to to walk them through how to take their message and learn how to write it, how to speak it and share it, and then how to share it as a media personality. It’s just a really personal program that can help them actually get those results and move, move on, the rumble that they feel. And the very next week I wake up on a Tuesday and I get this text,

“Hey, it’s me and your name keeps coming to mind. So my mother passed two weeks ago and I know she has an amazing story that needs to be written but not by me. And I keep feeling impressed that this needs to happen. So what do you think? Do you want to write it?”

And immediately I text her back and say, heck no. If you’re going to write this, if she’s going to have the story written, you’re going to write it. You’re going to be the one that’s going to get the downloads from your mother. You’re going to be the one that’s going to be tight with this. You need to be the one that writes it and I put Hashtag #scarythoughtwhat #prayaboutit.

She texts me back, she’s like, what you mean me? Right? I’m like, uh, yeah, I’m not going to write her mother’s story. So then I just let that be. I’m thinking she’s going to have to take a few months to really kind of wrap her mind around that. I’m sure I get a text the next morning and she says, “you won’t believe what’s happened.”

So the Monday morning of the day that she texted me, she had awakened from a dream and it was about her mother and she was seeing photos of her mother and then she was awakened with this thought awake, you have a work to do. She was like, what? And then my name came to mind.

So after we had talked on Tuesday and I said, pray about it that night she went to bed and she was awakened about 11:30 at night and she had all these downloads of what should go in the book. I kid you not. So she texts me and then she says, well, she didn’t technically right then she got the downloads and then her sister texted her at 12:00 AM and said, um, I just, uh, woke from a dream that something about mom wants you to write a book about her life yeah.

So that’s when the gal texts me and said, um, I just got all these downloads and I think I’m to write this book. Okay, what do I do? Could not believe it, and here I’m praying, I’m praying for women to be led that need what I have. I don’t want to go out there and just like here you need this. I want to know who needs this and who I can help make this happen. So that happened.

Then a couple of days later, I get this text from a gal and it’s the same kind of experience we had connected at that conference at my booth. We had talked for a minute, she had gone in and taken the life shift quiz. We have it on my website where you can kind of figure out what life shifts you’re maybe in the middle of kind of funneled it down and she realized she really wanted to do this Balance reDefined Professional Program with being the speaker right or whatever.

But she said this, she said, I feel compelled to write a book, but I’ve never done it and I don’t even know what I’m doing. I don’t even know if this what I’m supposed to do. So, I talk with her and I say pray about it, and as she’s telling me the things that she wants to accomplish, I’m like, oh girl, you are so ripe for this. She already has some ideas of an outline. She already, but she doesn’t know how to put it together. She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know how to do a writing plan, any of that. I’m like, oh my word and all she can feel as compelled. She has to do this. She knows, but she just doesn’t know the pieces. I’m like, well, I can give you the pieces, but you got to pray about it and know if this is right for you.

And she comes back and says, “I’m scared to death, but I know what’s right. I just got an answer.” I’m like, oh my goodness. Then do more days later. A day later, it’s a Friday and we’re going to be changing the price of this program. Right and so I get done with doing a whole bunch of coaching calls and things like that and this feeling that comes to me and I thought, oh my gosh, we’re going to change this price and nobody knows that we’re going to change it. What if there’s women that want to do it at this lower price? Like what do I do with that at that? I just thought, I’m going to say a prayer. I’m not about to get a late lunch. Right? I’m in the kitchen and I, I’m trying to fix myself some lunch and I’m like, oh, and I say a prayer, is there anyone who needs to have this right now that I’m not aware of, especially before we shift this and right then like three minutes later I get this text from the Gal who says, Hey, you know your book 40 Days with the Savior, I used some of it for a blog post. I hope you’re okay with that because I have this 40 Days with the Savior to prepare for Easter and for any kind of for Christmas or whatever to just kind of get closer to the date and I’m like, well yeah, of course. Terrific. That’s wonderful. I’m so grateful. Glad it worked out and I’m so happy for you to share.

And then I pause and this feeling thought hits me, is she supposed to do this? And I went, no, no, no, no. Because this means I have to be my bold self and I have to ask her, I don’t know about you guys. That is not my favorite thing. So I pause. I’m really pausing right now.

And then I text her and I thought, this is going to sound so dumb and I can’t share that I’d had this prayer because I don’t want her to be unduly influenced. Right. So then I text her and say, hey, random question. Have you ever thought about writing a book or speaking? Has that ever been like a thought for you? I know it’s random, but just, just in case, and then I’m watching the little bubble, right? It’s cause she’s replying and then all of a sudden I see yes and my whole soul goes and I gasp and then I say a prayer right there and I’m like, Heavenly Father does she need to do this program?

And I’m not kidding, this is a really sacred experience, and I’m surprised I’m even sharing this on a podcast, head to toe, I get this a woosh and I know she’s to do this program. I can’t tell her.

So I’m like, oh, what do I do with, I started talking, trying to text her and before I can get a texture, the another bubble and it comes up and says, I actually have had a clear assurance that I’m supposed to do that, but I don’t know. I know that the time will be sort of revealed to me, like I’ll know when it’s time, but I know that I’m supposed to do, I have a clear assurance and I’m supposed to. I’m like, oh my gosh. So I started trying to finish this text back to and I’m like, forget it. I said, can I call you? This is taking too long.

So we call and chat. I don’t say anything. I’m just like, so what’s your thoughts on this? How are you feeling? And She just says, I’m telling her, I said, this is what I offer. I don’t know if this is a fit for you, but here it is, and she listens to what I tell her and she’s like, that sounds exactly like what I need to do. And I should have mentioned on the second gal, she was like, yeah, I’ll pray about it and then I’ll call you later tonight. And I said, yeah, that’s great. Which is usually code for, I’m not interested,a nd I was like, that’s totally fine. She calls me back like early afternoon, like it was like probably lunch time or something instead of in the evening. It was too funny. I was like, wow, she’s ready to roll. So this gall I’m talking to on Friday I’m talking to, and she’s like, you know what? I want to pray about it. I want to talk to my husband. I said, totally great. That’s what I always encourage people to do. Go pray about, find out, get, get that knowledge that this is right for you to do.

Half an hour later she calls back, “I’m in, I’m totally in. Let’s do this.”
I was so blown away. I literally hung up and looked at my cell phone and this is all at the kitchen table and I just sat, just sat there and looked at the phone and I was awash with this mixed feeling of gratitude and shock and awe and reverent respect and, and stunned admiration for Deity for his working this in all of our lives. And it’s turned out to be the most amazing group of women. Their all catching up cause we’ve already started on group and they’re catching up together and they’re so close and that exchanged information and they’re sharing with each other already and they have caught up so fast and I’ve done some Q and A stuff and help them to catch up and it’s been this amazing, amazing growth experience.

And I look at that and I think that abundance mentality, that’s what it is. I had this one idea of what I thought it would be in this expectation and I moved forward in faith and that’s as it should be, staying open to what it might actually become, what the outcome might actually be, and it wasn’t the outcome I expected, even though there was a good outcome but wasn’t what I expected.

But then the actual outcome was more incredible than I could have imagined and the caliber of these women and the drive and the downloads they’re getting and the experience that we’re having is, is amazing. So I just want to make those things clear that that in this experiment, and this is part one because I’m not done with this obviously, but just in the few weeks that I’ve been doing this, of upleveling my spiritual, my physical, and my mental with drawing closer to Deity, with being more physically fit and having more energy and be in shape, and having that mental abundance mentality, just making small steps has created these incredible results.

It has literally been simple shifts that create seismic results. And I’m not joking, and it’s not like everyday I’m slaving over these things. It’s not, I’ve got children, I’ve got life, I’ve got programs I’ve got coaching to do. It’s not like that, but it’s this awareness and this intention and as I am moving forward on it, it’s incredible to feel this unfolding and this flowering and all of these connected ways that I’m feeling these shifts, almost like when you’re working out and you feel new muscles that you’re like, wow, I haven’t seen that before, I haven’t felt bad in awhile. And it’s all this good stuff working together to where you’re seeing these outward results.

It’s really incredible. So my thought is I encourage you to try an uplevel experiment of your own, make it for seven days, make it for 21 days, make it for 40 days, whatever number you feel you want to do, and then just be open, start throwing down some ideas of what that looks like for you. Start in just one area, just up level in one area. Make it fitness or make it spiritual, whatever, but just do one area if you want. I’m always a twofer in three for and that’s why I do that. But one area we’ll still domino into other areas of your life and then start with some specific thing that you want to become or achieve and as you do that, put it into prayer and say, okay, this is what I think this would look like for an up level that’s doable and sustainable. Please help me figure out how to do that. Show me the way, and then watch what happens. Write it down. Make sure you track this journey because it’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be that subtle, amazing where sometimes you can’t even explain it to someone, but you know in your soul that you’ve just upleveled and it’s amazing.
It will open those other doors and it will connect you to people and experiences that you would not have otherwise done.

Don’t be afraid of it.
Do not be afraid of the rumble.
Do not be afraid of taking the step to uplevel, and if you want ideas, go on my website, [inaudible] dot com check out my blog. Check out my social media where it had the Hashtag uplevelfff, which is faithful, fit, and fabulous.

Go check it out, get the downloads that I’ve given, get the freebies I’ve given, get the information, get the podcasts I’ve done, get the stuff that will help you uplevel.

You can get the 40 Days with a Savior, it’s a daily devotional book. If you want something that’s already done, gives you a devotional, it gives you a scripture in a devotional and then a thought provoking question that you can do every day where you can do every other day or do every three days, whatever works for you that’s on Amazon. Just get that.

Or you can get on my website, but start with something. Start with something. And when you take that step, you’re going to see the miracles begin, I promise you. And um, kind of cracking up that I’m taking this direction because for podcasts,

I really hadn’t planned on going in these kinds of specific spiritual abundance minded direction. But that’s what’s happening and that’s what I feel to share. So hopefully you got some great stuff from this because people ask me, how’s your uplevel going? Isn’t making a difference?

Oh yes. Every single day. And it is so delicious to me that I am loving doing this, which tells me I found a good sweet spot in the amount that I’m doing. So do it. Let me help you do it. Get the results, get the feeling, get the uplevel and watch what happens and then share it with me.

Put It on the comments, go on my website, make a comment on social media, whatever I want to hear, and then let me know if there’s something I can do to help you further up level. That’s what I’m here for. I plan create to live a beautiful life for me, my family, and to help you live a beautiful life.

I want to fulfill my purpose for me and my family and my goal is to help you fulfill your purpose and then help others fulfill their purpose. If that’s part of what you want to do, this is what I love to do, so as always, check it out, conniesokol.com

If you want to check out more podcast, just click on another one.

Check out my books on Amazon, if that’s going to help you uplevel, whatever it is, please and just know partial proceeds are donated to wonderful causes like a child’s hope organization that helps children in different countries like Mexico and Haiti, I helped the food banks. I mean, we just love, we love abundance, giving, sharing, doing, connecting, contributing. It’s just a joy. So join us in the joy and remember. make this your year to get Balance reDefined.

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