How to Get the Most out of Your Week

I am already LOVING my Word of the Week!!

Why?? Because talking with my missionary daughter this morning, she is having the same experience and used the SAME WORD!! Even continents away we are still having a mind meld!!

The word was/is SAVOR! And, BONUS…this week I have to combo it–you knew it was coming. That’s right–a two-ord combo. Because as we talked, we realized another word had to go with it.

We both have felt it difficult to allow ourselves everyday joy. To not be so focused on hastening the work that we run right past the happy cream of the doing it–which you know I passionately encourage women to do!! It’s been good learning to see the pattern, that I tend to get that way after a busy, productive run and need to do a bigger “opposite in all things.”

Ironically, she had felt it too. And as we talked about solutions she laughed and said her mission president had told her the exact same things! #outofthemouthoftwowitnesses

This week, rather than simply be more aware of it, we both set a Joy challenge so we can SAVOR our lives and the good we do.

Already, I’m feeling it! Being more present, enjoying the moment, and not second-guessing if I should be doing something else. PLANNING FOR JOY and then SAVORing the experience.

Bring on the week and the mindfulness to SAVOR and feel JOY in the experience!!

Thank you for sharing your words and experiences…what’s YOUR Word of the Week?!

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