February 4 – Word of the Week

Thank you for sharing your words! They stay with me and add to my backpack of nourishing thoughts to boost me through my week.😘

Last week my word(s) were SAVOR and JOY because they just seemed to go together. I should have also added PUSHBACK because that seemed to tag along too! (More about that in another post).

Have you chosen your Word of the Week yet? Mine took a little bit to surface. But it hit me early this morning–INTUITIVE.

That resonated because I’m feeling the need to daily discern what is good, better, best in my and my family’s lives. So much–so much–is coming at us every minute of every day. I want to be divinely intuitive about what my children feel, what my neighbors need, what my body is trying to tell me, and what He would have me do. From spiritual to physical to emotional, being divinely INTUITIVE can bring me closer to peace, calm, clarity, and wisdom.

I need all of those. Every day.

What’s your Word of the Week?

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