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Choose Joy – Even in the Snow

I have one word about the snow today–PLAY! ⛄️

That’s right, I invite you to quell your complaints and consider the beauty and joy of the snow.

Oh yes, I can hear the naysayers and weather complainers now (not you, that other person…)

But Connie, you say, get real–don’t you have to…
-drive in it?
-shovel it?
-snow plow it?

Yes. ✅
And, Yes.✅

And I am annoyingly, sappily grateful. BECAUSE of the snow…

-my little guy and I had extra mom-son time this morning eating homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and watching odds1out before he headed off late to school #roadswerebad#iswear ⭐️

-my daughter got to serve and also spend sister-brother time driving him to school with her, also late #stilltheroads#andpossiblycookies⭐️

-my neighbor fixed our persnickety snowblower IN TIME for it to work BEAUTIFULLY and easily–truly a JOY to plow and think this morning in the quiet winter white⭐️

-I plowed the driveway and shoveled the walk so I estimated that I burned an extra 175 calories #wherearethecookies#maybeishouldestimateabiggerdriveway ⭐️

-the whole world looks like a peaceful snowglobe and makes people want to get cozy, be helpful, and serve others. ⭐️

Yes, I will get real. It’s Utah. In January. Which means it’s weather-appropriate. I invite you to ENJOY the day–get some hot cocoa, eat that baked scone, spend that extra few minutes talking with a co-worker about your grandkids. 👍

Before you know it, life will be back to blue sky normal. 😊

Think like a child in the snow. Find your way to play today. ⛄️

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