Girl Scout Fundraiser Conference was a KICK!

Hanging with the girl scout conference fundraiser ladies! Thx for great connection and a lot of humor (Valerie, Camille, Todda, all of u:) and OCD Woman--remember the goal to have fun this week!! Thanks ladies:)

Speaking at the Girl Scout Fundraiser Conference was a KICK! My favorite was a sweet lady whose name I don’t know but she happily confessed she was OCD—“I have an organization folder for my organization”. LOVE good women who are real about life—we laughed, we learned, we practically solved world hunger (okay, at least several ways of what to do about 25 extended family members constantly coming to dinner—remember, try DESSERT ONLY!!) Thank you Salt Lake women for opening up and allowing all of us to reap the benefits of connecting and sharing only as good women do.
All my best,

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