The Beautiful Synergy of Women

Had brekkie/lunch with two amazing women recently and was reminded again of just how crucial connection really is. As we spoke of our individual families, desires, and pursuits, I was amazed each time how in the sharing of them, more was created—solutions, ideas, motivation, and excitement. After one visit, both of us left with multiple goose bumps (sign of a really good idea) and a plan for a future project that made us both feel giddy. I still feel giddy! There is something rich and needful about connecting heart to heart and mind to mind, that allows the 2+2=550 to the tenth power mentality.
Some call this synergy—my one friend calls it “sistergy”, because that is what we are. No matter our situation, body size, or bank accounts, we are all in this together. I remember an excerpt from a writing book that boldly suggested writers share what they’re working on, in specifics, all the time. This is a number one no-no! Most writers keep their most amazing storylines close to their chest, ever looking sideways for anyone trying to peek. But this author made the point that it’s in the sharing that we get better ideas, feedback, and help along the way, allowing us to create something not just good, but spectacular.
I completely agree. With Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, I absolutely know that this book could never have been what it turned out to be without the help of many. It was honed and plumped and decorated and made solid all by people’s life experiences and expertise.
When we as women are open to exchange, to hearing what others have to share, and using what will improve our lives I know, bone-deep, that our lives are immediately bettered, and the lives of those around us.
So today, share! It can be a thought, idea, project, feeling, or insight, but share it! And see what “sistergy” comes your way.
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  1. Loved this, Connie. It’s really true. I had sisters, parents and a good friend who read Gifted and offered input and ideas. Those were so important in making it better. I love the strength we get from each other. It’s a very real power and those that don’t share a part of themselves with others really miss out. We need each other.

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