So, You’re the Parent of an Adult- Now What?

Are you at that transition stage of motherhood from teens to almost empty nester? Connie’s got great tips on Studio 5 to navigate it more smoothly! In case you missed the live segment yesterday, check it out today! Watch it here or read it here. Enjoy!

There’s still time to enjoy our Mother’s Day special! Find 2 amazing books, one inspirational the other humorous. Get an instant download of both ebooks, only 2 for $5. Good for any mother at any stage! ...

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Women Helping Women

Recently, I spoke at a women’s conference and shared the following experience that I feel to share here.

As you know, the Women’s Suffrage movement—helping women obtain the right to vote—had difficulty getting going on many fronts. However, two women came together in the most amazing way to create miracles.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, born to privilege yet schooled in and a fierce supporter of anti-slavery (having even met Harriet Tubman and wept as she listened to her perso ...

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Studio 5 Segment Today!

Enjoy a little extra treat this week! Catch Connie’s Studio 5 segment, on channel 5, 11am TODAY titled “Letting Go of Everyday Fears.”

  And just in time for Mother’s Day, enjoy 2-3 day shipping in western states on our Blog Tour Mother’s Day Special! Find 2 amazing books, one inspirational the other humorous, only 2 for $20 (print) plus S&H or 2 for $5  ebooks. Good for any mother at any stage! ...

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Letting Go of Everyday Fears

Enjoy this link to Connie’s column “Letting Go of Everyday Fears.” Due to special Mother’s Day timing, the segment will be live Monday at 11am and afterward on

Also… Need an inspiring as well as upbeat Mother’s Day gift? Enjoy two books from Connie, one inspirational the other humorous, for any mother at any stage. For a limited time, only 2 for $20 (print) plus S&H or 2 for $5 ebook. Get your books!


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What’s Life-changing about GAL service to Others?

Last week, yet another woman’s experiencing in our B2B Complete program inspired me. She shared the following experience:

“I have to share a sweet experience I had last night as I was determined to just ‘deliver love’. I wanted to visit a coworker whose daughter had just passed. I felt this turmoil and strong desire of wanting to bring her ‘something’ but didn’t know what she needed. I even drove past her house thinking I would run to the store an ...

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One woman found joy in her kitchen command center!

At the dollar store I found a book by NYTBestseller Jen Lancaster whose opening pages said this:

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” ~ Martha Stewart *** “Martha, you’re making us all look bad.” ~ Every other woman in America

Organizing can feel that way, especially when all we want to do is sleep or read a good book, or anything else that doesn’t remotely involve decluttering, tidying, or streamlining. BUT, when we choose to do that very thing with ONE i ...

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Just for Mother’s Day–Sale!

I’ve been thinking lately about my mother, no surprise there. But more than the typical gratitude, it’s been in relation to my writing. From early on, she has put up with my perpetual piles of paper and pens, stacks of unread and to-be-read books, and brass ring dreams of becoming an official writer. And now I am! Thanks t​o mom encouraging, reading, editing, and giving me the one-eye when it wasn’t up to snuff.

To celebrate in like-manner, I’m putting my books on sale for ...

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Make Change Your Buddy: Learn this #1 Key to Change!

I love change. Well, not in the moment, and not always, and often not the painful, annoying, avoidant steps that lead up to it. But other than that, I love it. Because it’s part of life, like it or not. And the beautiful thing is that once we start to like it, to make friends with change, we become super good long-time buddies that truly support and sustain each other. In studying keys to change I found this one, seemingly “duh” key to change that works like a CHARM. Seriously. Apply ...

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Spring’s coming! Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for that gift of spring, to jump into a fresh change? Join us for the next quarter of Back to Basics Complete program! We are wrapping up our previous quarter with women experiencing achieved goals and profound life shifts. Meet once a month for four months to learn about and discuss a life area. Then receive support in setting, achieving, and celebrating one weekly goal.

Learn, connect, and grow–each month for only $49!

It’s your extra-curricular act ...

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Going through or Healing from a Deep Trial?

In talking with women over the past few years, I find many, many women steeped in what I call Deep Trial. It’s not just, Gee life is hard some days. It’s more about pulling two and three emotional or physical handcarts across a heartbreaking wilderness, and often feeling alone while doing it.

I’ve experienced a few of these myself. And during a recent one that had lasted many years, I remember repeatedly coming to a point of hopelessness and desperation. As a typically positive, ...

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“Be realistic, be wise, and remember that goals are not to inhibit our quality of life but to improve it.

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