Just go.

Just go. I was powerfully but gently taught that principle again.

Yes, you’ve got a busy week, double yes it’s hard to get an appointment. Weather is bad, it’s not a good day, work is crazy.


A few weeks ago I swiped through the temple website to make a few temple appointments. I happened to find an endowment session during a not-so-convenient time but I clicked it.

Segue now to boxes. I had three small plastic tubs/boxes of papers to sort. As a last resort, I had finally sat them on the floor by my bed so I would see and actually sort them.

And I promptly stepped around them.

For two weeks.

Then last week I walked in my room and had that quiet Jedi monent of, “I need to sort that box right now.” No lights flashing or words spelled out with Legos, just a soft, compelling feeling.

So I did.

And in a box of completely random papers I found a printed endowment card of one of my close relatives. A woman I had found and done all the other ordinances so far except this one.

And she had patiently waited again, in the box, for two more years.

Finding that card, doing her work, knowing that truly organized angels attended that process was a tender, sweet experience.

Just go.

Make the appointment, ask His help on logistics, and angels can help make it so.

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