Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

Sept. 21st-23rd Retreat!

Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

Sept. 21st-23rd Retreat!

I finished it! Again:) And once again, it has changed my life.

I remember when I didn’t like reading scripture, when I couldn’t get consistent, when it wasn’t a spiritual rhythm.

And now it is.

Not because I’m amazing, but because He is patient with my process. He has helped me see line upon line what a power this is in my daily life.

I’ve watched how simply reading daily from this pivotal, powerful book of scripture has literally changed me.

Through no ability of my own, I’m better able to do what I call “Velcro and Teflon” with clarity. Velcro truth, wisdom, and righteous principles and practices. And Teflon falsehoods, distortions, or weighty misperceptions.

Not at all perfectly, but better.

Every day it’s become my Vitamin B (Book of Mormon😉) A protection against what I can’t see and don’t know that could distract or deter me. A liahona to help me discern what to focus on, where to put my energy, and how to respond in various situations.

The truths and spirit in this book anchor me in peace, clarity, and joy. I feel more drawn to good, to doing good, to being good.

I find myself letting go of things that don’t matter, that aren’t serving me. And genuinely seeking “for the things of a better.”

That is not from me. It is something that I can’t explain but I know to be true. It’s this beautiful spirit of light, truth, and purity that we can access as we open ourselves to reading, studying, and becoming.

Next to the Savior and the gift of the Holy Ghost, this is THE greatest spiritual gift in my life.

And for so long, I didn’t even know it.

As I consider the greatest gift this world has received in Jesus Christ, I feel especially grateful for the gift He has given us to know and feel and live truth through the power of His words.

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