Just so much soul-wow.

Exactly one year ago this weekend we launched our first Disciple Thought Leader Retreat.

To prepare for that early retreat we had three “team” members, two presenters, nine faith-filled participants, and a whole lot of faith.

Our goal was to focus our talents through a Christ-centered lens, and life hack the process for Mom Ands who felt the rumble to become influential speakers, writers, and a media presence For Him.

And we did it. With Him.

Since that first retreat, we have prayed and taught, partnered with the Lord and worked with our skills to move a whole host of women forward!Now these women are soaring—one in humanitarian connecting with Sharon Eubank; another creating a non-profit with national sponsors like Downeast; others writing or publishing books, speaking at conferences, podcasting, hosting retreats, and so much more.

All are focused on family first, and still letting their good works concentrically ripple out into their communities and country.

This weekend we finished our SIXTH retreat! Our team, presenters, participants, and now coaches and Ambassadors have all grown beyond my highest expectations. My 3-to-5 year plan was surpassed in one year!

But some things haven’t changed.

Once again at this weekend’s retreat, the faith, unity, love, and learning was equal parts incredible, joyful, and sublime.❤️

Amidst the many beautiful comments made throughout, the women kept saying this singular thing—I didn’t know this kind of beautiful connection and experience could exist. Zion is real.

My heart is so full with gratitude, connection, love, and knowing that Zion really is a state we can achieve.

One faith-filled step—or retreat—at a time.❤️

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