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Register for our June Retreat!

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Studio 5: How to Have More Focus: 5 solutions to help you zone in on one thing at a time

Hold off of multitasking and work on having more focus.

Are you coming off the holiday high and feeling the crash and burn? Step back, take a breath, and let’s get focused. Successful life systems are the key to long-term peace and energy.

In this segment, I give tips to find a system that works.

When we feel overwhelmed, that leads to apathy and foraging in the fridge.

Get back to meeting your soul needs and using your best energy for what matters most.

First, you need to choose a soul system.

You also get to learn about my Five-Finger Purposeful Living!

It’s a free tool on my website: https://www.conniesokol.com/5-finger-purposeful-living

Everyday, count on your fingers, do something for: God, yourself, your family, your purpose and spontaneous service.

A great book to figure out your best systems is The System is the Secret by James Karl Butler.

Next you need to simplify your system. If you have lots of good systems but can’t do them all, simplify them. Establishing a morning routine is a great first start.

Another idea is to look for the 1% difference, consistently do something 1% better.

Lastly, you need to sustain your system by finding the best method to keep it moving with ease and flow. In Atomic Habits, James Clear shares the Four Laws of Behavior Changes:

  • How can I make it easy?
  • How can I make it attractive?
  • How can I make it satisfying?
  • How can I make it obvious?

If we can finesse our system with ways to make it easy, attractive, satisfying, and obvious, it will be simpler to sustain it. 

Find the system.

Start small.

Stay consistent.

Make it fun.

That’s how we do that.

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