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Grab your FREE

5-day purpose workbook

Make a Memory Today…Here

Over fifteen years of speaking at Education Week and each year, it’s a new and incredible adventure. It’s where I’ve met, connected with, and formed fabulous friendships that continue to this day. And it’s where, aside from having children, I’ve had some of my most spiritual experiences. I still remember one day, in the middle …

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Prepare Kids for Back to School

Want to prepare your children for school in more than just supplies?  Help them get emotionally and mentally prepared with great tips on Connie’s Studio 5 segment, live at 11 AM.  Catch it again on this website tomorrow. Get these tips and more for only .99 today in Connie’s Amazon best-selling book, What Every 6th …

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What About Mom in Summer?

Summer has begun! And at our house, it’s been jumping into the new joy with both feet. Here are a few things working for us so far… #1. The Fun Box. We already searched for, chosen, and purchased all the delights for the younger kids’ “Fun Box.” That’s the tub (expertly decorated with an 8 …

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The Milestones that Matter

My son is graduating this week (we think). But that’s not the milestone that has my focus. It’s the milestone, for him, of follow-through. And to positively deal with stress. And to learn to communicate a clear thought and receive the same from someone else. These milestones are really the ones that matter. For example, …

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Surviving May…

This past weekend and into the week was tough. As in, Dodge Ram tough. And by Tuesday I was feeling the weight of many things stacked and layering, giving me the distinct desire to dive quickly under the covers with only my Austen books and lemon cookies to see me through. Ever felt that way? …

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