Taking Care of the Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

I want to talk about…feet.

Last week while talking with my missionary daughter, we talked about how important the little things are. That in the daily-doing our attention is by necessity on the big things. But that oftentimes the big ship is moved by a small rudder. .

And that made me think of…my feet. I shared with her a few weeks before–in the midst of lots of big things with family and helping women–that a strange thought had come to mind: take care of your feet.

At that moment, sitting on my bed, I looked at my feet. And they were, shall we just say, winter-worn. Dry, weathered, and obviously taking a daily beating.

In an even stranger moment, I made a commitment to be kind to my feet. To lotion them at night, to give them a pedi, and to appreciate all that my feet did: not the least of which was to support my entire body every single day.

And so I did. And what do you think happened?

My feet responded, immediately. I noticed within about a week of specific treatment they were soft, smooth, and pink. And, might I add, pedi-pretty.

Then I noticed a deeper shift. I began to really appreciate my feet. That because of my feet quietly, diligently functioning, I’m able to play football with my little guy, speak to a group of women, go to a spiritual sanctuary, do yoga and grocery shopping and run up and down the stairs 50 times a day to be with my children.

And where do you think that led?

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The awareness of my feet made me more aware of the little things overall. What others did for me; how my children felt without saying it; what my neighbor might need without them telling me. Noticing the beauty of a flower arrangement; the joy of playing in the snow; the yummy smell of a candle.

Gratitude. Joy. Love. Ministering. Peace. Light. Connection. He gave me these by focusing on the little things. No major actions, no big productions. Simply focusing on and responding to those little thoughts brought nourishing good into my life.

What’s a little thing that has made a difference in your life?

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