Quick Workout Tips to Stay Consistent

Creating a consistent workout schedule is key to achieve any type of success with weight loss. But as women, we tend to spend our time on others first, which is a great thing, but makes it tougher to not feel guilty about working out. However, this isn’t about vanity. Mom needs to be healthy and stay healthy. Exercise not only boosts our endorphins, but helps keeps us more emotionally and physically stable throughout the day. Here are five quick tips that helped me not only lose the 50 pounds I wanted to, but keep it off, and hopefully now will help you.
1. Schedule your workout the same as you would schedule any appointment. Don’t cancel on yourself. It is so important to find a time in the day when you will consistently workout and stay committed.
2. Find a workout that you love. Whether it is power walking, running, Zumba, or TurboFire (which is my go-to workout). Find your best workout that is fun and easy to continue each day.
3. Every few weeks buy a new workout piece. Either new shoes, new top, shorts or hand weights. Something that keeps your workout up-to-date and fresh. These little rewards are motivating!
4. Remember how you feel after a workout. When was the last time you said, “I wish I didn’t workout today”? After any workout, your endorphins increase and you feel great.
5. Change up your workout to avoid boredom. I have several beloved DVD workouts that I can switch around depending on mood and time available on any given day.
Whatever works for you, write down your own tips to help you stay motivated and put them on your Life Board.

Jill Holmes–Guest Writer

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