Stop existing from day to day, and get back to BECOMING your Sure Self in 4 Simple Steps


Stop existing from day to day, and get back to BECOMING your Sure Self in 4 Simple Steps

Lessons from Planting a Garden

We planted a garden.

People do it, I get it, but this was not the plan. And certainly not my thing #avidblackthumb But the process–not the outcome–has taught me startling life lessons I didn’t know He wanted me to know.

Back it up to where it started, which was, wanting to find a new hobby that would further connect me with my kids. Something simple. Enjoyable. Low calorie #stopthebaking

Which led to our neighbor suggesting a discarded fenced-in dog run WE ALREADY HAD that could be used to plant a garden within and keep the deer without #bambihasadarkside

Then my daughter suggested we try putting the run over the 4 x 4 square foot garden bed WE ALREADY HAD and see if it fit.

It did. Beautifully.

This neglected garden bed was the result of our small gardening attempt several years ago (for three years running) and when I finally admitted horticulture defeat.

And there the garden bed had remained–filled with weeds, dry soil, and an old shoe with it’s own ecosystem.

With my daughter’s enthusiasm and leadership, we pulled the weeds, prepared the soil, and bought flowers (in pots–some start slow).

Then together, we wandered the gardening nursery–and I channeled my Joanna Gaines–as we chose starts for zucchini, tomatoes, and a little bit of basil (for that bruschetta I will surely make).

Then we planted. I searched our garage for tools, ecstatic to find a plastic bag hanging on the tool bar with three sets of color coordinated gardening gloves and trowels WE ALREADY HAD. Ready for battle, we got into the soil, each of us taking turns with even my little guy successfully planting the basil.

Wow. The feeling of it. What is it about planting and nurturing and watching a garden grow? We are inexplicably drawn to it. First thing in the morning we check the plants #theygrowsofast We water. We talk nicely to it. We add little touches.

It hasn’t stopped there. In the “If you give a mouse a cookie” fashion, we obviously had to bring out the patio set from the shed. And the gas fire pit. And fix the ailing patio table and chairs WE ALREADY HAD (and braved 20 minutes of actually helping the hardware man find just the right nuts and bolts).

Do you see any patterns here? I’ve seen so many I may just have a new online course from this #notteachinggardening. Two things are clear to me. A garden of life is much the same. During this Covid quarantine, I’ve had the time and ability to evaluate my personal garden. To address what’s been neglected. To clean up the soil, remove old roots, and ready it for new planting. To intentionally choose what I want to grow. And, that a garden connects a family #mostly.

Will there be produce? Will we have endless zucchini we doorbell ditch to neighbors? Will Joanna Gaines seek us out because of our incredible gardening success? Who knows. But what I do know is that none of this would have happened without the Covid quarantine. And a simple desire, incredible neighbors, and using what we already had in ways He inspired us and others to use.

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