What Women Do for One Another

This is what we do for one another.

We lift, we love, we don’t let go until we see the one is on safe footing.

I love this painting by Kate Lee #mothersdaygifttome
as it embodies and reminds me of what makes women so beautifully women.

Love. Support. Connection.

So many pivotal women throughout my life have supported and loved and changed my life. For good.

Just in this last month alone, they have helped and inspired me with gardening, teaching, parenting, cooking, studying, understanding, singing, home decorating, praying, writing, and organizing.

That’s in just one month. From program groups to neighbor inspiration to individual connection with Him and His daughters in scripture and on Zoom, women bless my life.

Every. Single. Day.

Lifting, loving, not letting go.

Who has lifted you in your life?

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