3 Tips to Smooth Transitions

It’s “Maycember” for me right now–the end of school with the start of summer looming just behind it #decemberwithoutthepresents. Back in the day, I remember being BORED in the summer. My friend and I would ride bikes all day and get barely digestible bean burritos at 7-11. But now, summer is just as packed as the school year and we are all feeling it.

If you’re experiencing a transition–whether seasonal, occupational, or emotional–know that the mixed emotions of dread and relief are right on schedule. But to move forward and successfully MAKE this transition, you’ll need a few key coping skills.

To get to the happy place of renewed energy and let’s-do-this desire, listen to these three simple tips. I’ll tell you, they’re already working for me. #bringitsummer

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