We Are At War

I’ve hesitated to share this personal experience of what I call a one-two spiritual punch because I don’t want to shine a light on an entity more than needs be.

Recently, with the work that I do I’ve had incredible vision-expanding and life-fulfilling experiences. As I’ve helped women become Disciple Thought Leaders in what they feel compelled and passionate about sharing with others, the outcomes have been stunning.

And so has the opposition.

I knew that could be the case in my mind, but like childbirth pain, you forget. #seventimes The past four weeks have been a constant ratcheting up of oppositional intensity. And not just for me, but for the women in our leadership circle.

This past week, an interesting thing occurred. A few of the women reached out and in their extremity shared how hard things had become. Because I was in the position to see and know all of them, I could suddenly see patterns.

They were so shockingly clear.

Here are some of the things they felt: less than, overwhelmed, avoidant, shrinking in stature, comparing, anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and more.

Ladies, we are at war. And as our leaders have shared, a vital thing to know is the tactics of your enemy and the protection from above. (From Boyd K. Packer—https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/…/how-to-survive-in…)

The clarity with which I could see the enemy’s tactics was not my own. As soon as I saw the patterns, I could “name it and claim it” for myself and for them.

It made me think of the new General Primary President sharing at BYU Women’s Conference that on the way to meet with an Apostle (where she would be called to her calling) suddenly she had the most inappropriate thoughts come to her, including how she was less than and could never do or be what she needed to be.

Beautifully for myself and our circle, because of seeing those patterns this past week, we were able to unite in strength and understanding, see patterns for what they were, and come out even stronger than before.

Note THOSE positive patterns and outcomes.

And then came the second punch.

As I stood at my kitchen counter putting chicken in the crockpot a clear thought came to me: “He will go after your children.”

And he did.

From the very moment I had made the connection of enemy patterns and strengthened the women with that knowledge, he went after my kids with a vengeance. In 24 hours I saw physically and emotionally how he flexed and twisted and ranted.

Because of that warning, I understood two things: one, prepare. and two, no matter what, partner with Him to move through and beyond it. Do not let it stop us.

In that same time frame, I saw and experienced things beyond my own abilities: wisdom, healing, peace, love, and the power of a covenant mother’s prayer.

As my kids often say with humor, “The struggle is real.” And so is the spiritual war.

As we engage in the fight, I invite us to be even more aware of enemy tactics and fortify ourselves more fully.

I would love to know, What is one way you feel to fortify yourself and your family?

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